How to Survive On a Desert Island Tips and Rules


Is a man of today ready to leave cozy apartments, tasty food, soft beds, and hot coffee for the sake of solitude on a desert island? Let us suppose the answer is yes. Everyone is a master of his destiny. Any action of an adult is considered to be adequate and deliberate.

Let us suppose that there is a man on the island and he is to spend a year there. These will be days of survival, overcoming, patience and composure.

Desert Island Tips
Desert Island Tips

It is impossible to take to the island a sufficient number of things that would be enough for an extended period. Because half of them disappears, and half will be useless.


These days, we have invented components for a quick campfire, protection from insects, various antibiotics and painkillers, and personal hygiene products. Of these, you can collect a real “set of a tourist.”

However, there are other tasks you are to solve every day, which hare to find food, drinking water, and a safe place to stay for a night.

Let us assume that a person gets to the island, without a ship, plane or other crash, that is, fully consciously. Let him be clear-eyed about everything, so that there is no panic, that the island is useless entirely. It will not bring positive results and will only make it more difficult.

Four main challenges on the road to survival

Therefore, you will recall that our test person there is a necessary amount of medicines that need to be protected available, small supplies of food and water, which will quickly run out, matches for making a fire, which is also of a day. Besides this, there are three critical problems, the search for drinking water, making of fire, search for food and building a place to stay, and hundreds of other issues of adaptation. Here is a to-do list. You are starting with water.


To find a permanent source of drinking water on the island will be a huge success, which will ensure a comfortable stay in all of a desert island. Look for it among the fallen fruits of the coconut; for this, it is necessary to find the old fallen palm stem first. It is possible that people once lived on desert land and may have already seen the source. It is entirely possible and, if you have patience, you should look for it. There is plenty of time anyway.

The presence of rocks on the island is an advantage. There is most likely rainwater in the crevices, which you can collect. It is necessary to build vessels in which water will fall when it rains by means turned out to be at hand. Perhaps these are the main activities for the collection of water in survival. Also, the main rule for the island is not to drink seawater!


The next critical stage is to learn how to make a fire by yourself.  For this, it is best to resort to the method of making fire by force of friction and use the driest foliage. When the light is burning, it is necessary to keep it – for this, it is better to immediately take care of the presence of a large amount of firewood at hand, as they quickly burn out. After that, we will have the opportunity to boil the collected water, killing the infection in it, heat the food, and smoke it to save it for a while.


However, to preserve and heat treat food, you should obtain it. It is the third challenge for survival.

The first thing that comes across the island is palm and banana trees. Most often, they grow along the shores of the islands. Avoid small insects with bright color; there is a high probability that they are poisonous. However, the larvae, which are under the bark of trees, may dampen the hunger well, because they contain enough protein.

A considerable number of birds live on the island. Not finding a way to catch them, their nests with laid eggs will be quite suitable. Rats and mice are common inhabitants of the island. Those are too much already regarding survival. Perhaps, those are all the presents the island may give. It is possible to vary the menu if to learn how to catch fish in the ocean. You can start with the most simple and not very nourishing “dishes,” due to some little meat of hermit crabs. Catching them is easy enough, especially at night.

At shallow depths, there are enough young sea urchins, which are also edible, if to clean them of needles carefully. If you have a spear, preferably with three teeth, it is possible to catch a fish. There is a vast number of mollusks in the ocean, which are also edible. However, some of them are poisonous. Unfortunately, it is not possible to define visually, so treat this type of food very carefully.



Having organized your livelihoods on the island in collecting water, making fire and searching for food, you should think about stay overnight. “Housing” is necessary to shelter from rain and direct sunlight. The risk of attacking animals on uninhabited land is minimal.

The main task is to hide from the sun, rain, and wind as much as possible, so canopy and a bed would be enough. The canopy is quite simple to weave of palm leaves. The bed should not touch the ground, not allowing insects and moisture from earth to contact a human.

Therefore, we can see that it is necessary not to panic and have no fear to survive. To get real, to set out tasks, which are a search for water, making a fire and getting food. Next, build a canopy that will protect you from the sun and the rain.

We gave our survivalist the basics of protection against insects, a small amount of water, food, and matches for the first time for a reason. In fact, without this, it is quite difficult to survive on the island. A slight injury that will heal for a long time in tropical conditions can cause death. Any fruit eaten may be poisonous. The idea to spend some time on the island is very dangerous, and without a minimum set of drugs and protective equipment, the chances of successful survival are slim to none.

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