How to Start Traveling on Your Own


Would you like to travel on your own, but do not know what to start with? You wonder how to start traveling alone? You will find all the answers here!

There are 2 moments in this question: psychological and practical. Sites that highlight the practical moments are clearly more numerous. There is nothing complicated about this, as you just need to do everything step by step, as they advise. However, there is always a logical question: if everything is so simple, why are there always more people, who are dreaming about traveling than those who are still deciding to do this? Psychology is already on the stage, and it turns out that someone is afraid to leave the comfort zone, someone is tightly kept by parents or close people, someone is simply afraid, because he is not sufficiently informed. In this article, we will tell you both about the psychological, and about the practical aspects of this issue.

How to Start Traveling on Your Own
How to Start Traveling on Your Own
  1. The desire. You critically need a desire. However, desires are different. You can lie on the couch, dreaming of how good it would be now on the beach under the palm trees, but do nothing to achieve this. You should understand that to begin travelling, you need to drastically change your life. In addition, to make up your mind you need a very strong desire. I often heard from people that traveling is too expensive: “I want to travel, but I do not have enough money”. Nevertheless, there are so many duties that are kept in one place. In addition, while some are afraid of the circumstances and lack of money, others travel. If you really want something – you will have to own travel website. If you really want to start traveling on your own – then you will not make hundreds of excuses, but just find a way. “Circumstances” is just a convenient way to ignore your own fears. People travel for the same reason that they buy cars or a new iPhone. If you need something, you do everything in order to get it. That’s the whole secret.Also Read: Best Holiday Destinations in India for Solo Women
  2. To begin your independent journey around the world, you need to be “sick” by travelling. Everything that is important to you eventually happens to you. Of course, some things have to be abandoned, as you may need to save some money. However, it’s worth it! This issue closes the question “Where to get the money?”. You need to save money. Before I went on my first trip, I have been saving money for a year. To save money on travel, you need to monitor your cash flows – record all costs and incomes. You will quickly get used to it. Do not hide yourself under the illusion that you do not need to count money on the trip. There, this skill will be more important than at home, so it’s better to get used to it beforehand. You can use the Family Accounting program for this purpose. It is convenient, easy and free. There are also analogs for smartphones. A little more advice, it is better to postpone a certain amount for travel right after receiving a salary. This is an important point, so it will be much more comfortable. Believe me, it’s easier to expect a smaller amount in advance than trying to pull out extra money in the middle of the month.
  3. Emotional preparation. During long travels a lot of things that can not be predicted may happen to you. Of course, you may be not ready for them. However, this does not mean that if you have never made a round-the-world trip or devoted your life to wanderings, traveling is not for you. Traveling is wonderful. Life is short, and I do not think you want to live it in one place, without seeing the rest of the world. You will be able to discover all the beauty of this world – from the chaotic Asian markets and beautiful European cities, to the impassable jungles and exotic wildlife in Central America. Wherever you go, every day something new awaits you – new places, people, experience. Many people are accustomed to think that travel is necessarily expensive and they simply can not afford them. I sincerely hope that by reading this blog, you will understand – it is not the truth. Even if you do not earn much, you can find inexpensive ways of traveling. You should start at least with something simple. Take a trip to a neighboring city or take a trip around your city.
  4. Determination of the direction. The importance of this stage can not be overestimated. Here we gradually move from theory to practice. You need information to decide where to go, how to get there, where to live, what to eat, how to protect yourself, where to turn in case of what and many other important issues. It is better to start with something inexpensive and trodden by a lot of tourists, a very good option for the first independent journey will be Southeast Asia. Write your list of countries where you would like to visit and go to practice. By the way, I want to say that travel by tours is not always more expensive. Perhaps you should not bother with independent travel, but it is better to turn to specialists. How to determine which clan of travelers you belong to? Here is a small test: Are you ready to spend time creating your own travel? Are you a freedom-loving person and you do not like to follow the schedule created by someone else? If the answers to both questions are negative, then I advise you to look for last minute offers on the OnlineTours website. If the answers are positive, then read on.
  5. Find out whether a visa is required in your chosen country.
  6. Air tickets. The next thing you need is to monitor air tickets, choose cheaper, buy, print and hide into the desk drawer before the flight.
  7. For the first couple of days, book a hotel, hostel or guesthouse, depending on your financial possibilities. On the spot, you can already find something better and cheaper. Perhaps you decide to stay longer and rent an apartment, and maybe you’ll go further.
  8. The route. In general, I rarely advise you to use guidebooks, but if you are going to travel on your own for the first time, you better get it.
  9. The next step is collecting luggage and first-aid kits. It would be superfluous to read an article about the necessary minimum of things. There is nothing difficult in that.
  10. Either you will be engaged in extreme activity in a foreign country or you are going to spend time peacefully, insurance is necessary. You can arrange insurance on the website.
  11. To protect yourself, especially when traveling to countries in Africa or South America, you need to special vaccinations. Do you need vaccinations at the entrance to the country you selected? – ask Google. On Goa, for example, people die more often from coconuts falling on the head than from a malarial mosquito bite. However, if you need to be safe for your own peace of mind, please, do it!

          12.You have enough information, so stop reading and start traveling!

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