Traveling with Love: How to Surprise Your Partner with a Bouquet of Flowers Anywhere in the World


Who said that you cannot show your partner how special they are or even how much you miss them no matter where they are in the world? You do not have to call them every time to remind them that they are special. Maybe you need something special like a bouquet.

Imagine how happy your partner would be if they received a bouquet from you, even though they are miles away from where you are. It would even be much better as a surprise. For instance, getting the bouquet at their place of work without even expecting it.

Traveling with Love
Traveling with Love

If you are looking for a way to show your partner that you are still thinking and love them despite the distance between you, then you can surprise them with a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, you might not know how to do that, so this article is for you.

What Do You Need?

Do you know what you need to ensure the bouquet of flowers gets to your partner? Well, it would not make any sense for you to plan a surprise for so long and then hear nothing from your partner about it.

If you want your surprise to work without any issues, ensure that you have not made any mistakes with the following;

  • Your partner’s name

If you place an order to be sent to your partner, ensure you have provided the florist with the real name of your partner. If not, then chances are high that your partner will never get to see the flowers.

  • Your partner’s address

So, your partner lives in a different country, and you want to surprise them with a bouquet of flowers. Do you want the flowers to be delivered to their house or place of work? 

Make sure that you have the correct address for your florist. If you want them delivered anywhere else apart from their home, it is good to have a contact person in case the delivery person has any issues.

  • Note or message

Well, if your partner did not expect a bouquet of flowers from you, chances are that they will be surprised. Not unless you want to be extreme with the surprise, then ensure that you have added a note or message. You can even add a wine bottle or chocolates to make the experience better.

  • Type of flowers

When sending flowers to another country, you should also ensure you are sending the right flowers for them to remain fresh. For instance, you can find your perfect tropical bouquet if you are sending your bouquet of flowers to countries that are considered tropical.

Now that you have made sure that there are no mistakes with any of the things discussed above, here are things you should do;

Organize Delivery

If you want to avoid issues with the delivery of flowers to your partner, you should organize a special delivery. The person or company you choose to work with should deliver the flowers to your partner personally.

You should not have any trouble getting this. You can find it in almost every other city. However, provide the delivery company with all the specifics that they need to make the delivery. In addition, check for reviews online to ensure that the company you are working with can do what it promises to do.

Involve Their Colleagues

If you want the flowers delivered to their place of work, you can involve their colleagues. Since you are not able to deliver the flowers yourself, you can contact their colleagues and ask them to help you.

This can also be a huge surprise as long as you make sure that they do not know about it. Talk to their colleagues and let them know about your plans. Chances are that they will be very happy for your partner and will be willing to do anything they can to make the surprise even better.

Travel for the Delivery!

Imagine how much of a surprise it would be for your partner if you traveled to deliver the bouquet of flowers yourself! Well, this might cost you a lot depending on where your partner is, but it would definitely make for the best surprise.

Make sure that you have made the plans without letting your partner know. Do not even give them a hint that you will be free. Get their favorite flowers and ensure you know about their schedule. Then just pop from nowhere and present the flowers. You will not only surprise your partner but will also get to enjoy the best excursions in places like UAE.

Surprise Your Partner Today

As you can see above, you do not have to be near your partner to surprise them with a bouquet of flowers. No matter where they are, you can get the right flowers and organize for a surprise that they will never forget. However, you have to be careful to get the right flowers and ensure that the delivery is done the right way.

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