15 Light and Tiny Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Go On A Vacation Without


When packing for travel, you always set up your mind to “keep it light.” Besides, who doesn’t want to travel light and hassle-free, right? However, when thinking that “less is more”, you often forget to bring essentials other than clothes and money, that could potentially make your life easier on the road.

Not sure what they are? Here are 15 travel essentials you may be forgetting, which will help make your travel more comfortable, enjoyable and organized. The good news is, they don’t take much space on your already cramped suitcase.

15 Light and Tiny Travel Essentials You Shouldn't Go On A Vacation Without
15 Light and Tiny Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Go On A Vacation Without
  1. Inflatable Pillow

Sleep is one of the best ways to kill time on a long-haul flight or road trip. A comfortable pillow is a must to get your much-needed rest after waking up early. The problem is, big, plump pillows take a lot of space.

This is where an inflatable one comes in handy. They’re comfortable, durable, lightweight, compact, and of course, foldable. And who knows? Your inflatable pillow may feel more comfortable than what your hotel accommodation may offer.

  1. Eye mask

Is the sunlight or the vehicle light keeping you from getting some sleep? “Turn the lights out” whenever you are, wherever you are with an eye mask. Look for eye masks with a silky texture for better comfort.

  1. Earplugs/noise-canceling headphone

You can’t control the loud talkers, crying babies, and the roar of jet engines that disrupt your peace. What you can do though is to block out the noise. This is where earplugs and noise-canceling headphones help big time. Other earplugs can also help reduce ear pain from altitude changes.

  1. Scarf/travel wrap

Scarves are a must-have for traveling. They’re extremely lightweight and versatile. They’re fashion-forward and can be worn in different ways. They can also function as a blanket to keep you cozy, a sheer curtain for blocking out light, and even a pillow, when rolled up.

  1. A multi-pocket jacket

Don’t just bring any jacket – wear a multi-pocket jacket. You can use the pockets to lighten up your packed bags while keeping everything you need within your reach.

  1. Compression socks or tights

If you’re going to be sitting for longer than four hours, whether you’re inside a plane or a car heading for a long road trip, you may want to pack compression socks or tights. These amazing socks help with the circulation in your legs, preventing you from experiencing numbness and cramps, or serious symptoms like blood clots.

  1. Disinfecting wipes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a germaphobe or not – the world is full of filth, seen and unseen, and sanitizing is a must. Since you’re unlikely to have easy access to faucets and soaps, pack sanitizing wipes and gels.

Clean your tray table, armrests, and any surface you may touch. You can also use sanitizing wipes to germ-proof your hotel room. Pick a variant that doubles as a hand sanitizer too to keep your hands clean and moisturized.

  1. Non-electronic entertainment

Your e-books, social media, and games to kill the time when you’re bored, but they take up too much battery. Reserve your power bank for more important things and pack non-electronic entertainment.

Go old school and bring a book, a magazine, a newspaper with a crossword puzzle, or a sketchpad. You can also bring pocket-sized board games or cards and play with your travel companion.

  1. Chewing gum

It’s not just to save you from long travel-induced halitosis – chewing gum can also relieve pressure in your ears when you’re flying.

  1. Snack bars

Don’t commit the same mistake of buying expensive snacks from the airport, airplane, or hotel to stave off hunger – bring pocket-sized energy snack bars. Look for crackers, protein bars, and other snack bars that contain high-quality protein and fiber, and keep them in your pocket.

  1. Essential prescriptions/ small first-aid kit

Traveling is fun, but it can make you sick sometimes. We’re talking about long journey-related headaches, exotic food-induced stomach pain, and coughs and colds brought by extreme temperatures. It can be challenging to find a pharmacy, so pack your own first aid kit with the essentials, including medicines for common illnesses and wound care kit.

  1. Plastic bags

A plastic storage bag is one of the most important items every traveler should bring – but it’s also one of the most omitted.

Clear plastic bags are perfect for organizing things, from separating clean clothes and dirty clothes to keeping electronics away from spill-prone toiletries. They could also protect gadgets from damage, in cases of unanticipated rain.

  1. A foldable reusable bag

If you love buying souvenirs, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of bringing multiple shopping bags home. The next time you travel, make sure to bring a foldable reusable bag which is light and tiny, but big in storage.

  1. A travel wallet with many compartments

When you travel, you’re likely to bring along more than what your everyday wallet can contain, like tickets, passports, hotel room key cards, multiple kinds of currencies and cards, and more. That said, it’s a must to have a travel wallet with multiple compartments to stay organized and keep everything you might need within easy reach.

  1. Packing cubes

If you’re bringing a suitcase with tons of different clothes, keeping your essentials stored in packing cubes will surely help you stay organized.

No need to get messy in your hotel room and throw everything out of the suitcase to find your favorite shirt stuck underneath – you can organize the cubes for casual outdoor clothes, sleeping clothes, fancier clothes, and underwear.

Author Bio: Mina Corpuz is one of the writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional hotel accommodation and location, which appeals to travelers in Australia. She’s always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementos from different places.

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