How to Spend Summer Vacation


It is winter but we should think about our summer holidays right now since it might be difficult to choose the most interesting kinds of actives. This list is intended to help both energetic people, who love spending their time doing sport, jumping from the heights etc. and tranquil people, who like more domestic kinds of activities.

How to Spend Summer Vacation
How to Spend Summer Vacation
  1. Herbarium

Going for a walk, take with an old magazine or a map and scissors. Collect only those plants that are not listed in the Red Book. On returning home, find all the information about collected plants, their distribution area, and ways of reproduction. Surprisingly, how many interesting discoveries can be found in the simple herbarium.

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  1. Make a schedule of the day

All interesting hobbies that were postponed should be on this list. Morning exercise, reading, playing musical instruments, cooking or whatever can entertain and educate at the same time. Every-day activity will become more interesting and summer won’t seem boring at all.

  1. Take up photography

Make pictures of landscapes, birds, flowers or other things considered to be beautiful for you. There is no need to acquire specific knowledge about it. Just a simple hobby to spend time with pleasure, breath fresh air and enjoy all the gifts of the natural feeling their beauty.

  1. Books

This is a perfect time for reading on fresh air. With this additional time, all the favorite books can be read. Moreover, the internet is fulfilled with the top lists of the best books and there is no need to spend a lot of time reading description trying to decide whether to read to read a book or not.

  1. Grow flowers

It is time to learn more about responsibility since unlike pets, flower can’t tell whether it is thirsty or has a certain problem. Obviously, it is should be taken care of with a specific approach. Primarily, get acquainted with all plants that can be grown domiciliary and choose the most lovely one. Specify all its features about watering per day, special care procedures etc. Such hobby might seem rather boring but soon enough this plant will become the most lovable thing in the world, always silent always listen, always by your side.

  1. Art

Despite widespread opinion about talent, it should be trained and developed, it is not a gift of the higher forces. The bright colors of summer might provide the inspiration perfect for creation. Beautiful pictures, interesting novels, touchy poetry or whatever appeals to the deepest sides of our souls.

  1. Sport

Fishing, yoga on the street, morning jogging and many other kinds of a sport fit perfectly for a summertime. This time rain, snow, strong wind or other weather tricks won’t stop doing sport.

  1. Traveling

Finally, it is time to take at least two weeks of vacation and visit the most magnificent places on Earth. Paris, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Rome, Venice can make your holidays almost unforgettable. However, if one like something extraordinary, Africa, South America or Australia will be a perfect place to test will and courage. Whatever the choice, new discoveries always make life more interesting and fascinating.

  1. Diving

This is one of the most fascinating summertime activities. It will allow exploring the ocean to reveal all its secrets by means of special equipment. However, it is very dangerous due to the high pressure underwater. It can cause decompression sickness, barotrauma, and simple drowning. The entire dangerous aside, such holidays will be difficult to forget.

  1. Charity

It is difficult to find somebody who likes to work for free but for those who love giving their help gratuitously, this kind of summer activity will be perfect. Cleaning the streets and watering the trees is not a good option but also a good idea. One can also help in a kindergarten, organize special events etc. Moreover, many gratuitous organizations provide young people with the possibility to travel for free helping people all over the world.

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