How to Prepare For a Trip to an Exotic Country

  1. Determination of the purpose/purpose of your journey.

In any endeavor, there must be a goal. Why? Because having a clearly formulated goal in your head, you will consciously and unconsciously strive for it. And this, in turn, will lead you to greater achievements and successes than in an aimless business.

How to Prepare For a Trip to an Exotic Country
How to Prepare For a Trip to an Exotic Country

Imagine that traveling is a great personal project at this stage of your life. What do you want to get in the process and as a result of this project? Learn new languages? Find friends in every country on this planet? Make a photo with one of the most famous landmarks of every country? Find new ways of earning? Think about it, write down your goals clearly and understandably for yourself. Immediately after that, you will realize that further planning of the journey becomes much easier and more pleasant. Set such goals that will inspire you throughout the journey, and will leave the brightest memories after it!

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  1. Routing.

Surely, there are countries about which you simply dream and their visit is the basis of your journey. Now, look at your goals and select the countries that will help you achieve them. Be sure to read information about the level of crime in the country and find out how safe it is to go to this or that country and how to protect yourself as much as possible. After that, think about visas and decide whether you are willing to spend time getting all the necessary visas at once, or you will make a visa to the next country while on the road, or you will generally choose the visa-free countries, as an alternative. After these four steps, you will have a final list of the countries of your trip.

The next task is to plan the order of visiting countries. It is important to consider the cost of traveling between countries, the seasons and weather in each country, as well as the amount of time you want to spend in each city.

Planning a route does not mean that you restrict the freedom of your movements. No! The place for spontaneity still remains, as no one forces you to follow the route. However, the very fact of having a plan will make you more confident, and also help to calm your parents and friends!

  1. Planning of finances.

Now that you have a route and you know the approximate time of your trip, it’s time to make the most detailed financial plan. You can make a special table in excel, with income and expenses detailed in the fields. Obviously, such planning will help you to see how things are with the money (whether you have enough of your income and what expenses are planned).

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Financial planning can be also useful because you will have to learn about the approximate prices in the countries where you eat. How much does it cost to rent a house? How much does it cost to fly or travel from one city to another? This is very important at the planning stage, because it will help you get rid of some fears about traveling, and also provide a sense of stability to the required extent.

  1. Purchase of tickets.

Buying tickets are one of the key steps towards your trip! After that, you can safely uncork a bottle of something tasty, in order to celebrate such a significant event!

  1. Registration of visas.

If you need visas to visit certain countries, it is worthwhile to start the whole process in advance. It may take a long time to issue multiple visas.

  1. Search for housing.

After you have bought tickets, you need to find accommodation in the first city of your trip. The choice of housing depends on your financial capabilities.

  1. Registration of insurance.

To arrange travel insurance is very simple and it can be done online in 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s easier to go to a public hospital than to your insurance company. However, insurance may be needed to enter the country. So, for your own peace of mind, you must complete the policy.

  1. Health.

Health tips during trips
Health tips during trips

If you have time, take care of your health. It is not always possible to get medical help on a trip. The insurance does not cover preventive methods. Therefore, I recommend that you visit doctors for examination and consultation. To be sure that you will not have a toothache during the trip, because it is already quite bad, and you have not shown it to the dentist for three years.

Also, find out what vaccinations you need to do to visit the countries that you have chosen.

  1. Registration of bank cards.

Before the trip, think about how you will perform various operations with your money. Which card is used to receive the salary, from which card you will pay for purchases, which card, if necessary, you can withdraw cash and, finally, on which card the main income will be stored? All banks have different conditions, different programs and interest, and you need to get acquainted with them. With the right approach, you will not only spend on interbank transfers but also earn on them.

  1. Learning the basics of a foreign language.

As it turned out, English cannot always help. There are situations when it spoils the situation badly. You should know the basic phrases of the language of the countries where you eat. Buy small paper dictionaries, because in some countries it is better not to use a mobile phone for security reasons.

  1. Pharmacy.

If you are planning a trip to more or less civilized countries, then pharmacies will certainly be there. But! If you need any special medicines or vitamins, it is better to buy them in advance in large quantities.

Well, in general, the first-aid kit should always be with you. Make a list of necessary medications, taking into account all the factors. A standard set should necessarily include something from an allergy because in an unfamiliar environment, the body can behave differently than you are accustomed to.

Also, look at the validity of your cards, they must cover the entire travel period. If the validity period of the card ends during the journey, consider how to solve this situation without problems. If you do not have any cards at all, I advise you to make one credit and one for withdrawing cash.

  1. Completion of all cases.

It’s time to do everything that you have delayed for a long time. Take the unnecessary books to the library or beech-crossing, give some of your old clothing to low-income families, throw away the trash that has accumulated for a long time you should go on a trip with an easy mind. Free yourself physically and morally from everything that is superfluous, so that there is a place for something new!

Also, close your contract for Internet services, so that some debt does not appear, give up existing debts, visit relatives and arrange a farewell party! The set points are pushing you to the beginning of new affairs.

  1. Packing the luggage.

This is the last of the main stages of preparation for the journey. If now I was in the day when I was collecting things, then I would take exactly six times less clothes. To make a great trip, you must be light. A backpack of medium gravity helps to achieve high mobility. Therefore, take only what is really necessary! It is better to buy some missing item than to carry 15 extra “just in case”.

We do not advise to go on a trip with a suitcase instead of a backpack. If you do not have a backpack, be sure to buy it.

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