Six Best Trekking Places in North India 2020 for Adventure Lovers


Reach out to nature to soothe your soul. The roads may be strenuous but the end would surely be worth it. The calm mountains, the serene lakes, the weathered paths would lead you to tranquility. Amidst the bustling lives of all of us in today’s wrapped up the world, an approach to nature is all that we desire and trekking is what all of us earnestly need. The nature beyond our niches heals all our wounds and rejuvenates us into newer beings. Luckily, our country has ample trek spots that can surely satisfy a part of the trekker in all of us. Best Trekking Places in North India

A walk in nature truly can lead our souls back into our body, fully refreshed and re-energized and Goechala trek can be one of the promising treks that can add some adventure into your boring daily lives. The Goechala La is a mountain pass in the heart of East India, in the state of Sikkim. The pass is situated at a height of 16,207 ft above and also visible from the pass is the southeast face of the world’s third-highest mountain- Kanchenjunga. Trekking in Sikkim not only promises the incredible beauty of the valley but you can also witness the rich variety of flora and fauna.

  • Sandakphu Phalut Trek 

The feel of touching the sky is marvelous and the Sandakphu Phaulat Trek can actually make you feel so. Sandakphu is the highest peak in Nepal. Located near the Indo- Nepal border, this place can provide you a mystical view of the Kanchenjunga. Likewise, Phalut is a peak in West Bengal in the Singalila national park. On the way, there are rhododendron trees of various types that bloom with colourful flowers from April to May. Along with mountains and thrilling pathways, the trek also will make you lay your eyes upon some of the really exciting forests. The trek can surely make you experience the unabated beauty of the bountiful nature.

  • Pin Bhabha Trek 

Descending in the mountains of Himachal is an opportunity that no one can decline. The cascading wonders of the place can leave you awestruck. The trek is a breathtaking path that ends at the Pin valley at Spiti. You can witness a dramatic landscape, right from lush greenery to barren lands, the surreal trek has everything aspect that one can desire. Not only this you can also unravel the beautiful mysteries of the neighbouring Ladakh. Mountains wrapped in the snow, rugged pathways, steep slopes, all this makes the trek amazingly adventurous. The trek will surely provide you with experiences that would stay forever.

  • The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 

Truly one of the most beautiful treks in the country, this should be a part of the wish list of all. The trek is located above Sonmarg and offers a splendid scenic beauty. The magnificent beauty of the five lakes coupled with the enchanting views of the valley of Kashmir is treated that absolutely nobody can retreat. For the memories that would last for a lifetime, this trek is what you should unhesitatingly endeavor. The meadows of Kashmir, the captivating Himalayas, and the sceneries would all leave you spellbound.

  • Markha Valley Trek 

Rightly said “Between every two pines there is a doorway to a new world”, and this exhibits the captivating power of the mountains and the valleys. Blessed are we to have an ample number of them near us. The Markha River is situated in Ladakh and its valley is one of the most famous trekking spots of the area. Kang Yatze is a mountain that you can see towards the head of the mountain. Along with this, you can also witness a number of delightful monasteries. The snowy pathways and the age-old villages can give you an extraordinary experience. The Markha valley runs parallel to the cascading Indus. This place is situated in Leh and you can also have a glimpse of the distant Tibet region from it.

  • Bali Pass Trek 

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than trees”. Memories last for a lifetime and undertaking such treks, of course, give us such invaluable memories. This exhilarating trek connects Har Ki Dun valley with Yamunotri. It is a pathway less trodden by which makes it an ideal one for trekking. The pass is situated at an altitude of 16,207 ft amidst ample greenery which all of us crave for. The nearby age-old villages will take you back in the olden days. The peaks and glaciers will add to your delight. This is a place that you can’t afford to miss.

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Paul Osborne