Visiting the world’s best adventure park- Yaaman Adventure Park


Searching the internet about the best adventure parks, you will have a long list in front of you. Most of them will have common rides, some will follow theme-based patterns or some will have water activities to attract people, etc. Most of them will be completely man-made and not much nature’s touch. No connection with history or past. The real beauty seems lost there. It’s just you go there and enjoy it and come back.

Yaaman Adventure Park
Yaaman Adventure Park

But have you ever seen an adventure park in front of the ocean? Yes, I am talking about an adventure park with an oceanfront having dolphins ready to play, hug and kiss you. Muddy rides to make you feel the real adventure? A Camel ride to make you feel you are in the desert at the same place? Have you ever experienced cooking from 1100 sqft above sea level? Ever enjoyed nature with the stories of colorful history? Does all this seem like an imagination?

But not now. You can visit such a place called Yaaman adventure Park having so many things to do in Jamaica. It is one of the most amazing adventure parks that shows the real creativity of humans to entertain every age group.

Although adventure parks are everybody’s favorite this one with a variety like desert, sea, nature, etc holds a special place in its visitor’s hearts. Different rides along with natural beauty and adventure, the shore excursions in Jamaica has everything required for a perfect vacay. For every member of the family, there are activities in Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica

Dune Buggy Ride- If you are an adventure lover and want to ride on some of the off-beaten corners of the park on an all-terrain vehicle tour enjoying the real beauty of nature, then this ride is just for you. The ride will remind you of your childhood days when you used to get dirty after playing. You can choose from 2- seater mud buggies or 1-seater ATV depending upon your choice. Spread across 1000 acres of adrenaline this ride is going to rock.

As this ride is on muddy land, you are bound to getting dirty, so bring your old clothes. You also should have a towel and sunscreen with you.

Requirements of ride

  • You need to have a valid driver license
  • The passenger should be for a minimum of 6 years.

Secret River

Another attraction of Yaaman Adventure Park is the Secret River. For all nature lovers who love to enjoy the natural beauty, this should be on the top of your to-do list. You can enjoy the views on an eco-friendly personal transporter. The lush tropical backdrop having plants and trees having with their exclusive medicinal properties, the local fruits, and freshly extracted coconut water together will make your day.

Do you now the Secret River has got plants and trees planted by famous personalities like Sir, Winston Churchill- the former Prime minister of the UK?

To enjoy the natural beauty you need to bring closed shoes and comfortable clothing.

Jitney Plantation Ride

Although riding a tractor seems awkward to some but believe me, riding a tractor with an open-air carriage has its craze. You will get a chance to see farms of banned, cassava, sugarcane, allspice, and much more. Watching a farmer climbing 30 feet coconut tree will be an add on to the excitement. Listening to the rich and colorful history of the estate will be a new experience.

The startling views of the island through a brisk walk onto the verandah where the far-reaching pristine water of the Caribbean will welcome you from 1,100 feet above sea level.

The bird aviary is another attraction where you can enjoy watching the birds.

The world’s largest collection of tortoiseshell combs will leave your eyes open.

Camel Ride

Do you own a Camel-Drive’s License?

You must be wondering what that is. It is a license that you get after completing your memorable camel ride at Yaaman adventure Park. That means long with enjoying the amazing beauty around, you will be certified for enjoying the camel ride. Isn’t it exciting?

But the condition is the minimum age requirement for a camel ride is 8 yrs.

Cooking tour

Imagine you cooking in a sea-view kitchen 1100 sqft above the sea level? Oh my god. Don’t have words to explain?

This is what you get a chance to do at Yamana Adventure Park. You will also learn about the secrets ingredients of Jamaica’s food and the special way they prepare it. Also, chef Irie will guide you in preparing a special Jamaican dish which includes Jerk Chicken, Festival, and Steamed Callao. This will be your ‘first Jamaican fare’ ever.

Do you think you should miss it?

Swim with dolphins

The fun is not over yet. There is still something that will leave an ever-lasting impact on your minds.

The dolphins. Who one earth doesn’t like to play with dolphins as they are one of the most friendly sea creatures. They love to play with humans. They allow you to kiss and hug them.

Many visitors want to caress the dolphins but are afraid as they don’t know how to swim. Don’t worry guys, the water here at Ocho Rios is the only waist deep so no swimming is required. Anyone can play and enjoy with these beauties.

The fun, adventure, and beautiful colors of history make it a worth-visiting place.


Although there are different packages and you choose which activity you want to do.

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Paul Osborne