Reason to Visit India for Tiger safari


Tiger is the epitome of strength and bravery. The beautiful cat is the ruler of the jungle and doesn’t allow anybody to sniff away from her attitude. The  Bengal tiger is the most popular species, mainly found in India.

What can be better placed to view this bundle of pride moving with his own term and peace than its home town in India?

Reason to Visit India for Tiger safari
Reason to Visit India for Tiger safari

We are dote on with this stripped wildlife…

India glorious history has accoladed the title of Sher Bahadur or Sherdil to all those rulers who have fought their battle bravely till their last breath.

 Indian emblem also has the impression of the lion, announcing to the world about Tiger as their national animal.

The Fondness and respect showered on this animal from a human tribe are UNBELIEVABLE.

You will even meet people with the name synonym to the word tiger such as Narasimha, Sher Singh and even as Tiger. An analogy of the word Tiger is such that A person is assumed as a strong, powerful ruler.

In India, the mythological God and goddess also has the beautiful beast in their depiction as

their savior or chariots.

Yes, If you are willing to watch the most dangerous powerful yet Royal and beautiful wildlife in the most natural way, then Tiger Safari in India is the best possible option!

Apart from the love for this animal, there are  FEW MORE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD BE VISITING India  for tiger safari is

Affordable: There are many trips which are organized throughout the country at affordable prices. India promotes saving this endangered species and also promotes tourism focusing on wildlife. You can easily get an affordable property to stay and properly organized trips sponsored by State governments throughout the country.

Close to culture: The forests are developed in their most organic manner to provide a home to the king of the jungle. The  Tiger parks and  Tiger reserve are situated in the jungle itself. The nearby small villages and local people are the open libraries for the tradition and culture of that state. You will find yourself closer to the culture after visiting these villages.

The wide range of wildlife: You will not only find 70 % of the world’s total population of tiger in India but also will get to spot the  Leopards, Panthers, Asiatic Lions, one-horned Rhinos, elephants and Swamp Deers in different Parks and Reserve. Some of the popular wildlife reserves and parks of India are in Ranthambore(Rajasthan), Nagarhole( Karnataka)  Gir(Gujarat) Kaziranga(Assam)  in Periyar(Kerala)Kanha(Madhya Pradesh). India houses over   500 wildlife sanctuaries and more than 100  national reserves. You will find lots of options to choose among them according to your suitability.

The free-flying birds in the open sky: Many birds migrate from the west and north during summer and winter season. These feathered friends visit every year to their second home. The tropical climate makes India as a favourable destination for many species. The trip to the wildlife reserve in India is escalated by the enticing sky with fled warbling birds and animals on their terrain in the single picture.

Safest trip: The resorts and lodges around  Reserves and Park have trained and experienced local guides who with the jungle life behaviour.They are veteran in understanding the behaviour of wildlife and can easily mark the places to spot the carefree wild beast. These resorts and lodges are facilitated with the good and safe commuting vehicle to have a safe view of the forest. Hygiene in food and water is also taken care to avoid any hazard on health. The concerned and top notch hospitality make the wildlife trip to India safest and most memorable experience.

The weather is suitable: The flora and fauna changes every season and changes in season can be the reason to leave the place for all leaving things. But such is not the case with India. Weather in India remains moderate throughout the year making every season suitable to plan your wildlife trip. The pleasant weather makes the trip more exciting and comfortable.

So if you fantasize watching the royal beast with your naked eyes😖then plan your wildlife trip in India. There are very high possibilities to spot this dangerous animal on your trip to India.

Tigers have a soul, you can see it in their eyes. Be brave and strong like Tiger.

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