Are you a Driver? 5 Ways to Save Money


Everything nowadays is getting expensive every day. Things are getting difficult to afford, even the goods and services that are necessities for a comfortable living. The worst part is that our earnings haven’t increased as much as the cost of living. We all try to save money wherever we can and spend on things we absolutely need. Traveling expenses, especially of the people who drive a car around, is something that can’t be ignored since there is no avoiding it. The prices of vehicles have shot up, including the cost of maintenance and the gas required to power it. And since you need to go around to places, these expenses are something you cannot avoid. If you ride a car around the city regularly, we have got something that you will absolutely love! After a thorough search on the internet, we have gathered tips that will allow you to save money by lowering your expenses related to your car! Here are the 5 most effective ways that you can use to significantly lower your daily expenses of driving a car around! 

Ways to Save Money
Ways to Save Money

Save on Your Gas Money 

Everything requires some source of energy to function the way it is designed to. If you want to drive a car around, you need to fill it up with the appropriate amount of gas before doing so. Meaning, there is no way you can completely avoid the petrol expense. However, there are a few ways you can reduce its cost significantly. If you are still in the buying decision stage, it’s the perfect time to choose the vehicle that provides the best fuel consumption average. You can decrease the monthly gas expense significantly by opting for a car powered by a low cc engine. For example, a 1500cc engine provides an average fuel consumption of 9 kilometers per liter of petrol. However, if you were to buy a car with a 650cc engine, it would provide you with an average fuel consumption of 25+ kilometers per liter of petrol. That’s a 16 kilometers per liter of petrol difference!

For those who have already bought a vehicle, you can decrease your gas expenses by driving your car at a constant speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour. Research suggests that cars that maintain this level of speed consume far less gas than the vehicles that are driven at higher speeds. 

Maintain Your Car Well

Machines that are well maintained and function smoothly will always outperform the machinery that is performing poorly due to lack of repair and maintenance. Meaning by maintaining your vehicle, you can decrease your expenses considerably. A car at the top of its game will provide you with a better fuel average and break down far less. A car in bad condition will tend to break down more, which means you will need to get your vehicle towed a lot. Plus, the mechanic is going to charge you for the repairs. These expenses could have been easily avoided just by regularly getting it tuned up and changing its engine oils. 

Plan Out the Best Routes

The best way to minimize fuel consumption is by driving your car at a constant speed. Driving at high speeds or slowing down too often due to traffic and speeding back up are two ways to burn out your gas fast. Even though you can’t do much about the traffic itself, you can decide which route you need to take. The one you should choose should have low traffic levels and should provide you with the lowest kilometers that you need to cover to arrive at your destination. So, if you take your car to work daily, we suggest that you study all the routes and find out the one with the least traffic and kilometers to cover.

Always Be Prepared

The tips mentioned above are all focused on decreasing the fixed costs that you will face every month for driving your car. But what about the unfortunate events that could force you into a position where you have to pay thousands of dollars for car repairs and other expenses? Car accidents, vandalism, and theft, what if you become a victim of one of these heinous crimes? If you get caught up in a car accident and can’t prove that the crash wasn’t your fault, you could end up in a bad situation that could quickly empty your bank account. Your car could also get stolen by thieves, which again puts you in a bad situation where you might end up losing a lot of money. However, there is a single solution to all of these violations! An in car camera

These devices will record all the footage of the car crash that you will need to prove your innocence and receive the financial coverage to pay for your medical bills and car repairs. It will also record video evidence of any vandals that damage your car, which will allow you to track them down and receive the payment for the repairs. In case of theft, modern in car cameras are installed with trackers that allow the camera company to track the car’s location in real-time with your permission. The local police can use this information and easily locate the stolen car in a short time frame.  

Keep Your Windows Up

Many people don’t know how bad it is to drive your car around with the car windows rolled down! Almost everyone believes that they are saving fuel by rolling down the windows instead of using the car A/C to cool off. Putting the windows down creates a heavy drag on your car that pushes against the vehicle, forcing the engine to work harder even to maintain the same speed limit.  

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