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Malbork is one of the most famous cities in Poland due to its famous Teutonic castle and delicious Old Polish cuisine. Here every gourmet is sure to find something for himself! Castle soup and wormwood are also well-known attractions on any visit to Malbork, so it wouldn’t hurt to try them during your stay, especially as there are boat cruises in the summer and entry to the Malbork Castle swimming pool.

Malbork Castle Tour
Malbork Castle Tour

Malbork attractions

Of course, a weekend in Malbork is unequivocally associated with: Malbork Castle tour! However, that is definitely not all.

Teutonic Castle

The largest surviving medieval castle in Europe, consisting of three parts: Low Castle, Medium Castle and High Castle. It is worth looking at it from the river side. From every point in the complex there are stunning views that capture their grandeur in incredible detail; you can see everything as if you were on a tour around every corner.

The Teutonic fortress of Malbork became the permanent residence of the Polish king Kazimierz Jagiellończyk in 1457. For over three centuries it served as a military base.

The Castle Museum offers many attractions for visitors, including several exhibitions of old weapons and artefacts from around the world. A re-enactment of the “Siege of Malbork” is also performed.

The Grand Refectory is one of the largest reception rooms in Malbork. It is here that the Grand Masters received their guests and the monastic chapters took place, where important matters concerning their order were discussed, as well as where services were held for them on a daily basis! This impressive space has three pillars supporting its roof; it is 30 metres long, 15 metres wide and 9 metres high,

Jerusalem Hospital

The church was a shelter for the homeless and elderly. After the Second World War it became a residential building, but was never renovated, which led to its decline over time – there were plans to demolish this old building before Poles and Germans came in and invested and renovated the building.

The building is a gorgeous example of German architecture. Up until recently, there were talks about collapse because some thought they could save only parts but now thanks to everyone’s efforts (including those local government) the hospital is saved!

Latin School

After centuries of serving as a school, the Latin School was largely destroyed in 1899. However, it was not completely lost; instead, its building served new purposes, after being rebuilt and renovated by different people at different points in history, until 2013, when it became home to what is now known as the Malbork Centre for Culture and Education.

Malbork can offer us more than just a castle. It is definitely worth a visit during a weekend trip.

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