How to Pick the Best Private Jet Charter Company for Your Business Trips


When you fly by plane for your business, the last thing you would want to experience has delays or cancellations. Apart from that, there are times when scheduling a commercial flight just isn’t ideal, especially if your travel plans require complete privacy and flexibility. 

Luckily, private jet charter companies provide peace of mind knowing that transportation will be available when you need it. What’s more, private jets allow you to control your travel schedule, arrival time, and departure date. Here is advice that can aid you to find the best private jet charter company for business jet charters:

Best Private Jet Company
Best Private Jet Company

1. Find Out Which Types Of Planes Are Available

There are three types of jets that you can choose from for your business jet charter services: 

Light Jets – They are the smallest planes in the private aircraft fleet, carrying up to 12 passengers. Most clients prefer light jets due to their affordability. However, it’s worth noting that light jets have the shortest range, and it can be difficult to fly them during the winter months.

Mid-Size Jets – They are a better choice than light jets because they offer more space for passengers and have long-range capabilities. What’s more, mid-sized jets provide enough capacity to transport people from one destination to another without stopping over to refuel.

Heavy Jets – It’s the largest type of private jet and most preferred by clients who need to take a group of people or cargo. They can deliver very long-range capabilities with huge fuel, cargo, passengers, and the equipment needed for the particular destination.

2. Ask About Initial Cost And Hourly Rates

The private jet charter company you choose should be able to give you the exact price that you will be paying for your trip. Most charter companies base their initial cost on factors like the requested flight time, distance of travel, and the type of aircraft. Thus it’s essential to tell them the specifics about your requirements to determine how much your trip will cost accurately.

3. Find Out About The Safety Standards Of The Jet You Will Be Flying

Aside from going with a reputable company, it is also important to check their safety standards before deciding on a final deal. A great method to get started is by asking for proof that they have an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The AOC is proof that they have met minimum safety standards.

4. Do A Background Check On The Company’s Flight Crew

Before you book your flight, ask for some information about the pilot and co-pilot that will be taking you to your destination. Keep in mind that only experienced pilots are allowed to fly corporate aircraft. That’s why it’s also essential to find out how many years of experience they have as a pilot. Experience gives you the confidence that your safety is in good hands.

5. Check If Insurance Is Provided

In addition to checking their safety standards, it is also a good idea to ask if the company provides liability insurance and other types of insurance that may be needed to cover any damages during the trip. It’s also essential that you know if there are provisions for refunds or reimbursements in case anything happens while you’re on board.

6. Ask About Their Business Processes

Before you sign any agreement with the company, learn about their cancellation policy. As much as possible, make sure that there are no penalties imposed on you if you need to cancel your trip. Also, ask how long it takes before they set up a new flight for you if you need to change your itinerary

7. Inquire About Membership Programs

Many companies offer membership programs that can help you cut down on costs. These memberships require an annual fee, but they will give you special services like priority bookings, discounted per-hour rates for flights, and more.

The companies have loyalty programs that allow you to earn points for each flight or help you gain status as a frequent traveler. By joining these programs, you get access to better rates and services.

8. Find Out If They Can Offer Reimbursement Services

If you are not keen on joining any membership programs, the next best thing is to check with the company to provide reimbursement services. All your costs will be reimbursed several weeks after your trip is over with this service.

9. Ask About Any Regulations That May Affect Your Trip

Last but not least, before you sign any agreement with a company, it is also essential to ask about extra costs associated with an imposed regulation. One example of this type of regulation is the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC). Your local airport will charge this fee if your plane needs to use an airport gate during departure and arrival.

Finding the right private jet charter company for your business trip is a lot easier than it sounds. By following these easy guidelines, you can rest assured, knowing that everything will go as planned. 

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