How to Select a Jet Card Membership?


A jet card is a private aviation program that lets you fly at short notice at pre-decided fixed hourly rates. It is convenient, safe, and attractive because it has various perks. Regardless of their size, several jet companies offer these membership cards with varying features. They even save considerable time by simplifying the booking process and enabling you to select an aircraft against the corresponding hourly rate. However, what kind of Jet Card membership you choose will depend on several factors, including your flying frequency or requirements and the type of jet charter you find suitable. What are the other things you should know about it and reasons to have one? Jet Card

Things to consider before selecting a program

Even though various card memberships are available, you could consider the following factors before selecting a particular one. 

What is the cost of the Jet Card?

It is recommended to select a program that offers a pay-per-hour service, as it is convenient in the long run. That means you pay by the hour in the specific charter or flight you might be traveling. Depending on a jet class category, the flight rates are also decided by the hour. Most memberships will vary between 50K to 500K, depending on a variety of the number of available benefits. For example, if you choose a heavy jet, the hourly rate could be approximately 11,800 USD$ approximately, while a light plane will cost you around 5,200 USD$. You must also check whether the program has a joining fee and any hidden charges or is entirely free. 

What benefits are available with the Jet card?

It is recommended you check the number of benefits that come with the card, although they will vary from one program to another. Some of the membership benefits that any program should include are:

  • Upgrade eligibility.
  • Term period.
  • Free jet class upgrades.
  • Complimentary catering allowance.
  • Peak day premium.
  • Fuel surcharge.
  • Minimum daily flight time.

These will depend on the type of membership you choose. Usually, the costlier it is, the more numerous the advantages are. A 50K card will inevitably have more daily flight time than a 500K one, along with the catering allowance. 

Fixed vs. dynamic pricing model

Almost all the card membership programs have hourly rates for flight trips, while others offer dynamic pricing. There are several advantages of a fixed hourly rate, for example, the protection it provides from high costs because of market volatility or poor demand. However, in dynamic pricing, the hourly rates are limited in some cases. 

Is the aircraft available on time?

One of the main reasons behind getting a jet card membership is the instant availability of an aircraft. You should ask the card providers if they can provide an airplane just when you need it. Some programs have a minimum call-out time ranging between six to 72 hours, so that is something you should think about beforehand. 

Which service areas do they cover?

All jet cards have a service area which refers to the areas in a country or state covered by a specific flight. You must select one that includes numerous locations in their program to avoid any extra fees. Flying to an area not covered in the card would incur surcharges like ground handling, fuelling, and crew over-nights. 

Do they have suitable safety protocols?

Regardless of the aircraft type covered by your jet card, you should pay the utmost attention to safety. The operators should adhere to the strictest and latest safety protocols and follow the best practices. A safety audit conducted by a third-party body like WYVERN PASS Program or ARG/US that the charter has accorded the highest importance to safety.

Is their cancelation policy straightforward?

The cancellation fees will vary from one membership to another, and you might check that thoroughly at the very outset. Some won’t charge you fees for cancellations made 12 to 72 hours in advance, while others offer three hours. It is better to select one with the lengthiest period, thereby giving you the flexibility to vary your schedule accordingly. You will also come across programs that do not allow cancellation during peak day reservations.  

What about the upgrade eligibility?

As mentioned earlier, you must check the upgrade eligibility, which varies depending on the tier you choose. You will probably need to upgrade or downgrade depending on your particular flight requirements. If you are traveling for a considerable distance, you might need to upgrade your flight for more space and convenience. If you need to take a short trip, you might want to downgrade, and it is better if the program offers you both those options.

Do they offer a complimentary catering alliance?

Usually, most memberships will offer a complimentary catering alliance, but you should check how it’s provided. The program could have a yearly amount on a per-flight basis. Some private jets boast a fully-equipped kitchen, while others give you the option of placing an order before your takeoff. 

A jet card membership offers you several advantages, including those mentioned above. It makes the entire process of searching for flights, comparing prices, and booking/cancellation easier. You enjoy comfortable travel with additional privileges that are not available for nonmembers. 

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