Unleash The Traveler Within You and Explore The Best World Destinations With Cheap Flights


Majority of the people postpone their travel plans until retirement or till their late adulthood so that they can save enough before spending on the holiday trip. But any vacation is best enjoyed when there is still enough strength left in the body and the mind.

Post-retirement people can have enough money to travel but their mind and health may not co-operate. With the help of cheap deals and economical fight fares, it is possible to strike when the iron is hot and plan international trips instantly.

The Best World Destinations With Cheap Flights
The Best World Destinations With Cheap Flights

Will you believe if we say that you can explore the best destinations in the world under Rs. 50,000? Yes, you heard us right, by choosing the best airlines, the ideal destination and the best time to travel, it is indeed possible to cover major international destinations at half the cost.

Let us discuss what are these destinations in the budget here and how best to book cheap tickets with them.

  1. Thailand:

This is one of the famous places in Asia preferred by international travelers to spend some quality time during their vacation. This place is generally referred to as the tropical paradise and is also the home to artistic temples, picturesque beaches, and delicious cuisine. There are also best and cheap hotels to stay in Thailand and some of the best places to visit here are Bangkok, Phi Phi Island, Phuket, etc. It is possible to save huge on the flight ticket by booking a round trip.

2. Cambodia:

With the release of the Hollywood action movie, Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie, Cambodia has quickly become a hotspot for tourists all over the world. The place is known for its temples of Angkor wat, beaches of Sihanoukville, etc. There are also a number of best places for partying and holidaying in Cambodia.

3. Vietnam:

Vietnam is a major country in Southeast Asia which has blossomed into a peaceful country with welcoming people and a warm atmosphere. Its rivers, temples, caves, mountain beaches and the authentic cuisine are worth to explore. It has upgraded to be one of the budget-friendly destinations for an epic vacation.

4. Dubai:

Dubai is regarded as the epitome of entertainment, luxury, and adventure in entire Asia. Some of its magnificent structures and beaches are sure to sweep the person off their feet. It is the land of admiration and frequent celebration and is also known for its extreme adventures, excellent nightlife, culture, and food. It is fast-growing and one of the most preferred holiday destinations among the masses.

Best World Destinations
Best World Destinations

5. Egypt:

Initially, Egypt gained its popularity as a land of pyramids and pharaohs. Of late, it has developed into a dynamic tourist environment, where travelers cannot just watch the world heritage sites, but also immerse in its local culture, enjoy its nightlife and taste its delicious cuisine.

6. Malaysia:

Malaysia is counted as one of the cheap destinations for international family vacations. The place is known for a perfect mix of futuristic cities, tropical forests, unbelievable theme parks, and a thriving tourist economy. It is one of the favorite vacation destinations for those people seeking international adventure at a smaller budget and is best visited during the months of December.

Some useful tips for travelers looking for holiday destinations under budget.

Having said about the best international destination to travel within budget, we would like our readers to carry some of the useful tips in traveling to these destinations at a cheap airfare.

  1. Travelers should make use of dedicated airlines and ticketing agencies such as the southwest airlines, as they post periodic price waivers and coupons to slash fare cost.
  2. Be sure to check the southwest airlines reservation flights during special occasions such as pre-new year flash, Christmas sale, etc., to benefit from special discounts on these days. It is good to have an eagle’s eye watch during this offer period as the sale does not last for more than a day or two.
  3. Be flexible with the dates and carry an open mind for exploration so as to get the best deals on international airfares.
  4. Ensure to complete all the flight and the accommodation bookings at least 45 days before the planned date so as to benefit from nominal airfares. Majority of the airlines escalate the cost of the ticket during last-minute bookings.
  5. Price of air tickets tends to differ drastically between seasons. Tickets during the months of December and January tend to be costlier than other months. Try planning the trip offseason to enjoy cheap flight tickets.

Best place to look for your budget air tickets for international destinations:

No matter how best you plan your vacation based on the season and dates, coupling them with discount coupons and vouchers can definitely fetch them huge discounts. The saved amount can be spent on other amenities at the holiday destination.

Browse with credible air ticketing agency such as southwest airlines to benefit from its price waivers on international flight tickets. The airline flights southwest airlines are cheap, on time, safe and reliable and will also help their flyers with frequent coupons and world-class amenities with their air travel.

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