Discover Luggage Storage near London Victoria Coach Station


Victoria Coach Station London’s largest coach station

London is a popular travel destination. It is likely that you will be getting off or passing by Victoria Coach Station. 14 million passengers pass this London’s largest coach station every year. The building in Art Deco style was opened in 1932. Sometimes it comes in handy to know this information to impress your travel buddy. Victoria Coach Station is located in the central Victoria district in Westminster City. If you would like to see London’s beauties, taking Tube is the easiest option. It takes about 30 min to get to Tower Bridge, less than 30 min to London Eye and just about 15 min to the signature Big Ben.

Discover Luggage Storage near London Victoria Coach Station
Discover Luggage Storage near London Victoria Coach Station

Luggage storage alternative to lockers

If you arrive in London early and you can’t check-in at your Airbnb yet or you’ve checked out already and there are still hours until your departure, you might need to use luggage storage services. Most museums and attractions do not allow you to store your luggage inside due to safety reasons. You might think of using lockers, where your probably need to use coins so you need to get the change and the list goes on. Then you realize that you have a laptop in your bag, which you don’t want to drag along with you all day but what if it gets stolen from the locker? There is no insurance on stolen belongings and your trip could be easily ruined.

Safety of lockers is one thing, another is the capacity. As so many passengers in large groups arrive and depart from Victoria Coach Station, it might be difficult to find a free locker. However, lockers are actually becoming an old-school solution to storing your luggage. Similar to Airbnb, offering local accommodation where it suits you, there are companies that work as ‘Airbnb for your luggage’.

Try LuggageHero near Victoria Coach Station

One of the companies offering short-term luggage storage services is, for example, LuggageHero. Some of their storage locations are less than 200 meters from the station and are open 24/7. In order to use the storage service near Victoria Coach Station, you need to make an online booking through LuggageHero, which is simple and quick. You can use a desktop version on your laptop, you can enter the website using your phone or download an app. Afterward, you receive a confirmation email and directions to the location, where you wish to drop off your luggage. You can use the map provided by LuggageHero, or you can copy the address of the shop and navigate in Google Maps. Once you arrived at your chosen location, you need to activate a storage timer on your booking page. The timer makes sure you only pay for the hours your luggage is being stored and no more.

There are several companies offering similar services in London but LuggageHero offers flexible pricing of £1 per hour plus £2 handling fee and you never pay more than £8 a day. This makes storing your luggage way cheaper compared to left luggage located inside of Victoria Coach Station. After you’ve arrived to your location and started your timer, your bag gets a security seal with a unique number code. This seal makes sure that in case of thievery, you are automatically insured up to £2200 per each piece of luggage.

Every LuggageHero storage location is located in certified hotels, cafes or shops. By booking in advance you can make sure they have space for your luggage. However, in case you change your plans, you can freely cancel your booking without paying any cancelation fee.

Where to next from Victoria Coach Station?

Victoria Coach Station is just about 10 to 15 minutes’ walking distance away from Victoria Station, which is connected to the London railway and London Underground. By taking the Victoria Tube line from Victoria Station, you can get to King’s Cross in just 5 stops. King’s Cross is famous for the Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. If you are the lucky one, maybe there is no line and you can quickly get your picture taken by a person who can style you with a scarf in Gryffindor colors, glasses and a magical wand.

To start your trip on the right note, we suggest visiting Tomtom Coffee House, which is just 3 minutes away from Victoria Coach Station. In their menu, you can find some traditional English breakfast, avocado toast, nice pastry or great artisan coffees. Open from 8 am to 8 pm, they have something to satisfy all your cravings throughout the day.
Next time you travel and realize you need to drop off your luggage, check out LuggageHero as they are available in 39 cities around the United States and Europe. Avoid scams, lockers in highly touristy public areas and please don’t let anyone else guard your luggage not even while you use the bathroom, especially at the main London stations.
Have safe travels and let us know how was your experience using luggage storage services.

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