Melbourne Attractions Nobody Should Miss


Melbourne offers plenty of enjoyable activities. A cruise on the Yarra River can be both relaxing and educational; Fitzroy, home to hipster-packed cafes, vintage shopping and vibrant street art, should also not be missed for good vegan cuisine, vintage shopping and vibrant street art.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is an iconic Melbourne attraction where daily tours reveal sports history. Cricket can be found playing here during summer while football takes place there during winter. Flights from Hong Kong to Melbourne are so easily accessible through Cathay Pacific.

Melbourne Attractions
Melbourne Attractions

Eureka Tower

Melbourne’s Eureka Tower stands as an emblematic reminder of one of its great cities – Melbourne is no different, named for the Eureka Stockade rebellion of 1854 which involved violent gold rush activity, it stands out as a landmark that captures its name as well as providing visitors with an experience like none other.

At 297.3 meters (975 feet), Australia’s Eureka Tower stands as its third-tallest building (after Australia 108 and Q1 in Queensland), visible from most locations throughout Melbourne. A popular photo-op for photographers and tourists looking for breathtaking cityscape views from above, photographers also flock here in order to capture those special shots from above. Plus its top 10 floors boast 24 carat gold plating – not forgetting an observation deck on floor 88 for even more incredible vantage points!

Melbourne skydeck is an essential stop for visitors, offering stunning panoramic views over the city and boasting plenty of interactive and thrilling attractions that keep guests enthralled and engaged with Melbourne. Plus, safety is never compromised and offers something exciting and educational – a true must-see attraction.

There are various ways to see Melbourne from above. From high-speed elevator rides and The Edge (a glass cube which extends out of the tower) to dining at The Deck Restaurant or taking part in an Escape Room experience. And for those seeking even greater adventure, the annual Eureka Climb race up 1642 stairs may just be your perfect adventure!

Visitors to Eureka Tower can also take in breathtaking city night views from its outdoor terrace, offering romantic couples and families alike a memorable evening experience. Additionally, Eureka features an official souvenir shop where guests can purchase official merchandise to commemorate their visit and mark it in their memory books. For more information visit the Eureka Tower website; its location within Southbank provides many shopping and entertainment opportunities – perfect for day or evening excursions – while Flinders Street Station makes accessing it easily by train.

The Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is one of Australia’s most beloved zoos, boasting an international collection of animals that allows visitors to learn about wildlife conservation. Divided into four sections that each highlight native and exotic creatures from their continent; for instance, Australian Domain features native Australian animals like kangaroos and emus alongside native plant species as well as an endangered Tasmanian Devil habitat which gives guests a rare glimpse into a marsupial species that is close to extinction.

If you plan to visit a zoo, ensure you set aside at least one full day for your visit to ensure you can view all the animals within. Also consider joining one of their guided tours; these allow visitors to gain more insight from expert guides who specialize in teaching visitors more about animals at the zoo.

At Melbourne Zoo, one of the main draws is its Wild Sea exhibit where visitors can witness aquatic life up close in an underwater environment. Here you’ll be treated to seals and penguins among many other marine life species; additionally there are sharks and sea horses for you to admire!

Melbourne Zoo boasts more than just marine life for visitors to enjoy; visitors can also take advantage of other attractions. The Butterfly House provides an engaging educational exhibit suitable for all ages. In addition, Melbourne Zoo provides daily programs which teach guests about its wildlife exhibits and how they can help conserve natural habitats.

Melbourne Zoo offers visitors an exclusive experience to interact with Sumatran tigers. For an additional fee, visitors can enter the tiger enclosure and drop treats for these creatures before watching as they search out these treats from an exclusive viewing area – providing an unmissable chance to come face to face with these magnificent beasts!

The National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria, also known as the NGV, is one of Melbourne’s premier cultural attractions. Established in 1861 as Australia’s oldest art museum and with over 70,000 artworks on permanent display and rotating temporary exhibitions from all around the globe.

The NGV spans two buildings – NGV International on St Kilda Road and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square. While NGV International houses its extensive international art collection, while NGV Australia provides Australian and Indigenous Art from history to contemporary times. Furthermore, The Shaw Research Library features books and exhibition memorabilia for visitors’ use.

Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria hosts a host of captivating temporary exhibits, such as its Melbourne Winter Masterpieces series. Past exhibitions have included Impressionists: Masterpieces from Musee d’Orsay (2004), Picasso: Love and War 1935-1945 (2006) and a showcase featuring Dutch masters including Vermeer and Caravaggio (2006).

NGV International was designed by Roy Grounds with its magnificent bluestone form crowned by an elegant glass dome and effortless flat roof, creating a remarkable modernist masterpiece that blends beautifully with St Kilda Park plane trees and cityscape buildings nearby – serving as the perfect symbol for Melbourne arts and culture.

The NGV is an essential visit for art enthusiasts, particularly those interested in seeing some of the finest pieces from around the globe. Open daily and free admission, admission also features guided tours for children and students – for more information visit their website!

Federation Square

Federation Square, also known by locals as Fed Square, is an iconic cultural and events hub of Melbourne. Built atop railway lines near Flinders Street station and boasting its own train station across from Flinders Lane station, Fed Square was intended as an urban focal point that serves both residents and visitors. Fed Square hosts various cultural institutions, such as Ian Potter Centre and Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Federation Square offers an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars that make it the ideal spot for visitors seeking a fun night out or quiet afternoon reading a good book. Furthermore, this public event space hosts theatrical performances, free concerts, food festivals and cinema screenings that provide ample entertainment options.

This complex’s stunning architecture blends elements of deconstructivity style with traditional urban planning. Designed by LAB Architecture Studio and Bates Smart, its architecture not only stands out, but also challenges traditional notions of beauty with geometric forms made of unprocessed materials like sandstone that provide contrastive beauty within its surroundings.

Federation Square has long been used as a forum for community activism. From an Iraq War protest in 2002 to the Work Choices rally of 2005, Federation Square has witnessed major public demonstrations. Most recently in February 2008, crowds gathered in Federation Square to witness Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologizing to Stolen Generations on its large screen.

To learn more about Australia’s history, Federation Square Foundation provides an historical walking tour that covers Aboriginal culture and city heritage. Tickets cost $23.

Fed Square boasts many attractions for children, such as a play space with water fountains and playground with an interactive T. Additionally, this public square hosts several art installations and interactive exhibitions.

Federation Square should be on any visitor’s itinerary in Melbourne. With its unique architecture and myriad attractions, Federation Square makes an exciting and memorable trip. Be sure to view its majestic sculptures before relaxing with a meal at one of its numerous restaurants or cafes.

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