Holidaying in Tanzania: Everything You Need to Know


If you are thinking of spending your next holiday on safari in Tanzania, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as this huge natural wilderness country that borders the Indian Ocean has much to offer the tourist. Located in the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania borders with Uganda to the north, with Kenya to the northeast and the stunning Indian Ocean to the east, and there are several national parks, with the Serengeti National Park as the flagship for safari goers.

Holidaying in Tanzania
Holidaying in Tanzania

Tailored Safari Holidays

At close to 1,000,000 sq. km, this country has several climate bands, and this allows you to plan the perfect weather, while also taking into account animal migrations, which do follow a natural path. When looking at luxury Tanzania safari tours, make sure you book with an established operator who will tailor the safari to suit you, and with their wealth of experience, you can plan your time to include a few days on the pristine beaches and experience the Indian Ocean at its very best. 

Serengeti National Park

If you time it right, you can witness one of the largest migrations in the animal kingdom, with 1.5 million wildebeest, along with a quarter of a million zebra, all moving onto new grazing lands, as they have done for millennia. They are, of course, followed by large predators, who will track the herds while on their territory, and with a thriving elephant population, you can watch how these majestic creatures interact with each other in their natural habitat, and with an English-speaking guide, you will learn much about the wildlife.

Northern & Southern Safari Circuits

As you would expect, a good safari is a mobile one, and with 5-star lodges in all the right places, you can spend a few weeks travelling in style, spending your evenings in luxury lodge environments, enjoying fine food and wine. The two main safari circuits are north and south, and which is best really depends on the time of year, with the northern circuit taking in Serengeti National Park, the premier park in Tanzania. Thankfully, the government recognizes the treasures it has. Therefore, they’re very focused on preserving the animals’ native habitat. There are strict rules when on safari in Tanzania, put in place to protect and preserve the environment.

Tailored Safaris

The best way to experience the wonders of Tanzania is to book a luxury safari where you can choose where you go and how long you stay, and don’t forget the Indian Ocean, where you can enjoy great beaches. If you would like to learn more about this kind of holiday, search online for an established safari tour operator. Their website would be full of information, and when you are ready, you can make a booking and prepare for what will surely be the holiday of a lifetime. The safari is becoming more popular and if you want to be sure of your dates, it is best to start looking now, and with a little online research, you can learn more about Tanzania and the animal population that live there.

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