Travelling to Abu Dhabi? 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yas Island


You will face many choices when coming up with an itinerary on your visit to Abu Dhabi. After all, there’s so much to see and do in the United Arab Emirates’ capital.

So, unless you’re staying long term, you need to be smart about where you choose to head to make the most out of your trip. In this case, Yas Island is an excellent destination for you and your family.

Traveling Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Yas Island Abu Dhabi

This 25 square-metre island is a world-famous leisure island in Abu Dhabi. It is also considered the city’s top tourism projects and is a mere ten-minute drive away from the Abu Dhabi Airport.

Not sure why Yas Island is worth visiting? Here are six reasons (and excellent itinerary items) you should know about:

1.   Yas Marina

Although it is called a marina, the Yas Marina is better known for its restaurants and bars and not boats. It is home to a casual sports venue, the Stars ‘N’ Bars, where you can watch sports while enjoying good food. If you’re planning to have a more formal dining affair with your significant other, Iris and Cipriani are two of your best options.

Planning to get some water sports done? Try kite-surfing in Eywoa or go on a cruise with Captain Tony’s or Azure Marine Charters. There are plenty of other excellent establishments you can try, just make sure that you do your research ahead so you know what to expect.

2.   Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

When people hear you say “Yas Island,” the first things that come to mind are motor sports and cars. This is because the island is home to the world-famous Ferrari World.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a one-of-a-kind theme park that features a wide range of jaw-dropping rides inspired by the famous Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari.

There, you can ride Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world. After getting strapped in, you’ll be asked to wear protective goggles before you are propelled at a speed of 240 kilometres per hour. These adrenaline-filled 4.9 seconds of your life are ones you will surely remember.

You can also try other record-breaking thrills, like the Flying Aces, which has the highest roller coaster loop of the world (63 metres). If you have little ones tagging along, let them take part in the excitement at Bell’Italia and the Junior Grand Prix.

Of course, your trip to Ferrari World won’t be complete without the chance to see the most iconic cars from the Italian brand.

3.   Yas Marina Circuit

Another awesome motor sport attraction you’ll find in Yas Island is the Yas Marina Circuit. Known as the venue of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held every November, it features the world’s longest F1 racetrack.

Of course, this place isn’t just for viewing – you can also literally get in the driver’s seat of the best adventure any motor sport enthusiast could ever have. All you need to do is sign up for a racing course to get a chance to drive race cars, like the Formula 3000 and Aston Martin GT4, with a pro guiding you on the track.

4.   YasWaterworld

If you’re looking for a place to beat the summer heat, Yas Island also has something to offer: the YasWater world.

With a theme based on UAE’s the “Legend of the Lost Pearl,” this water park houses 40 awesome attractions, rides, and slides, plus plenty of dining options.

Enjoy exhilarating activities, like the Rush Rider that lets you ride the waves and hone your surfing skills; and Falcon Falaj which is considered as the longest water coaster in the Middle East.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

There are many other family-friendly attractions you’ll find in Yas Island Abu Dhabi, including the child-friendly Tot’s Playground for kids and their parents who are 150 to 210 centimetres in tall. You can also try the heart-stopping Jebel Drop that offers an awesome vantage point of the entire water park.

5.   Yas Beach

Your trip to Yas Island won’t be complete if you don’t get to enjoy good old beach fun at Yas Beach. With clear azure waters, pearly white sands, and verdant mangrove, this is nothing quite like your average beach – it is a paradise for children, families, watersport enthusiasts, and all other types of beachgoer.

Besides having lots of bars and dining options, you can also try kayaking, sailing, and snorkelling with your friends and family. Looking for a drier activity? There’s also an outdoor gym and volleyball court at your disposal.

6.   Yas Mall

After going all out on the thrilling adventures Yas Island has to offer, it’s time to take a break and start shopping at the Yas Mall.

Abu Dhabi’s popular shopping hub houses roughly 370 stores. Considered one of the biggest malls in the city, the establishment is marked by a pair of 12-metre high sculptures.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a wide range of brands, ranging from flagship stores to designer labels, such as:

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink
  • DKNY
  • Adidas
  • Mothercare
  • Virgin Megastore
  • and many more.

If your kids are tagging along, you can also keep them occupied with Yas Mall’s indoor theme park that offers video games and adventure rides or its edutainment center.

Ready to Visit Yas Island?

Yas Island welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Line up all the activities on this list that pique your interest and get ready to have the best vacation of your life.

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