The Top US States for a Fishing Vacation


There are all sorts of reasons why people go on fishing vacations. Whether it’s to reduce stress levels, spend time in the great outdoors, be with friends or family, or to enjoy some solitude, you need to find the right spot to get the most out of your time away.

US States for a Fishing Vacation
US States for a Fishing Vacation

If you enjoy fishing in lakes or rivers or prefer to fish out on the open ocean, here are the top US states for an ultimate fishing vacation.

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Alaska is filled with the most impressive species of fish that you will find on the globe. The state is the perfect vacation spot for anyone who is passionate about fishing. There are lots of epic oceans and small streams that you can check out, as well as a wide range of fish including rainbow trout and the king salmon. Alaska is America’s largest state and provides fishing fanatics with a never-ending sense of adventure and remoteness.


The northern half of Minnesota state is known as one of the best places for fishing fans. When looking for a fishing resort in Minnesota, Birch Forest Lodge may be right for you. There are over 11,000 acres of water to check out and fish in. Minnesota is also home to over 13,000 natural lakes and tons of other fishing resorts to visit. The locals of Minnesota are passionate about fishing and are known for their welcoming nature, meaning you are bound to have a fun-filled fishing vacation. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and after a real adventure, you must visit Minnesota in the frozen winter, as you may be lucky and pull a mighty musky or northern pike.


Louisiana is rich in heritage, culture, and fishing. If you’re an angler who is planning a fishing vacation, Louisiana should be on your bucket list. The state boasts world-class bass lakes, not to forget good-humored locals, tasty cuisine, and some of the most action-packed activities you can find in the country. No matter what time of year you go to Louisiana, drum, redfish, and sheepshead can be found throughout the year. For those heading to the state in the winter months, temperatures will drop and offshore trophies like wahoo are more likely to be found.

New York

With the Atlantic Ocean housed on one side and two fantastic lakes on the other, New York has everything that fishing lovers could possibly ask for. Whether you head to the Adirondack Mountains for some fly-fishing, or visit the Finger Lakes region for bass fishing, there are lots of fishing waters to immerse yourself in. While many people flock to New York for Central Park, Times Square, or to see a Broadway show, the state is the perfect vacation spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing is an activity that can be pursued in numerous locations across the United States. The hobby requires a minimum amount of skill and you only need a small amount of gear to get started. All the states above are frequented by millions of fishing fanatics. So, if you’re planning a fishing vacation, there are tons of places to explore.

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