7 Best Cities in the World for Freelancers 2020


The present-day workforce is looking for the freedom to work anywhere and control his or her own schedule. The trend explains the rise in digital nomads trends and freelancing. Freelancers are looking for the perfect working space and city where the dream of freedom can be realized. Cities, on the other hand, are competing to attract the nomads and freelancers.

7 Best Cities in the World for Freelancers 2020
7 Best Cities in the World for Freelancers 2020

Several factors determine the competitiveness of a city to attract freelancers. Here are the factors freelancers consider as important when choosing a city to work from.

  • Internet speed- it is the top consideration for a freelancer. No one wants to spend time waiting for websites to load or files to download. Cities investing in fast internet are rising quickly through the ladder.
  • Availability of co-working space- freelancers want a magnificent space to spend time. It must be comfortable, with proper amenities, scenic or relaxing, and affordable.
  • Quality of start-ups- a lot of freelancers, are new into entrepreneurship. They want to get into an environment that is supportive of freelancing. If start-ups emerging from the city are proving successful, digital nomads will want to tap into the wave.
  • Migrant acceptance- freelancers want a place they will feel welcome. Most of them are immigrants from different countries and continents. If they feel unwelcome, they will not spend time there.

Other factors that affect the decision to settle at a city as a freelancer include accommodation prices, free Wi-Fi at cafes or co-working space, availability of green spaces, cost of entertainment like beer, and the amount of sunshine they will enjoy, among other more personal considerations. The availability of a team is also a huge factor. Here are the best cities for freelancers in 2019.

  1. Belfast, United Kingdom

Belfast is not one of the emerging cities, but it wants to lead the nomadic wave. To begin with, it was named the most rewarding city to visit in 2018. It also ranks top among cities with the fastest-growing economies. It has recorded the fastest growth in digital jobs. The trio is winning factors apartment rent prices, internet speed, and availability of co-working space.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon is converting most of the old warehouses into co-working spaces. It gives you the best environment once you get an assignment from top freelancing websites like WriteZillas. Cafes are also dedicating space to freelancers and providing free Wi-Fi. The growing numbers of freelancers are also providing digital nomads with a team for support.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most welcoming destinations for tourists. It offers a rich cultural flavor to feed on during your breaks. Hospitable locals, reduced cost of living, good weather, and cheap Wi-Fi are attracting loads of people to Chiang Mai. The large population of freelancers and reduced beer prices are irresistible factors driving people to Thailand.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a natural tourism attraction city. Freelancers will enjoy living in the bio-tech and fashion capital of Europe. Barcelona also gives you the perfect Mediterranean climate to support your freelancing venture. Low apartment costs enable you to afford the cheap Spanish wines. The beaches and free-living in Barcelona will fit the desires of any freelancer.

  1. Cape Town, South African

Do you want to go to the African jungle? Cape Town is waiting. It has raised its profile of late through its innovations, acquiring the name African Silicon valley. The scenic view from your restaurant table gives you the real desired environment as a freelancer.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

It is referred to as the Hollywood North for a reason. The city will get your work discipline and ethics on point. The summers are warm and will reward you with its 16 hours equinox. Once you are tired, you will join the locals for bonfires to unwind. It is a city that will bring the best out of you.

  1. Florianopolis, Brazil

The land connected island takes you to the South American continent. It is a growing city that is yet to get a serious routine because you will be tempted to go surfing over lunch break. The city loves English, has great internet, and is investing heavily in co-working spaces.

A good work environment will make the difference between one city and the other for a freelancer. Freelancers are not just interested in working spaces but the chance to create memories. There are cities to suit every nomadic personality and build a freelancing career.

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