America’s Best all-Inclusive Resorts for first-time Travelers


All-inclusive resorts are resorts that offer the complete package for visitors. Food, accommodation, amenities and a fun environment are all present at an inclusive resort. Although many people argue with this concept of and prefer regular resorts, these inclusive results could sometimes be hidden gems waiting to be explored. They are often located in remote parts and are usually secluded and limited with their offerings.

If you want to try out the all-inclusive concept with your family or just by yourself, these 5 resorts on this list are a good place to start and they will surprise you by how much they offer. First-time travelers who are looking to spend less money on a number of activities will find these resorts friendly to their pockets. In this piece, we will be highlighting 5 all-inclusive resorts which we believe are worth your time and money.

America Best Resorts for first time Travelers
America Best Resorts for first time Travelers

 Belizean Dreams Resort

This inclusive resort is great for first-time visitors. The resort offers private suites which are very useful for families and business people. The resort has provisions for lunch, breakfast, and dinner with some snacks in between. There is a bar for drinks and a pool for relaxation. This all-inclusive resort has so many fun activities including zip-lining, fishing, caving, rappelling, and snorkeling. All these and more will make you feel like you are in an inclusive resort and more at an upscale one. The Belizean Dreams Resort makes dreams come true and gives an experience that is hard to replicate.

Allegro Cozumel

Allegro Cozumel is a good choice for first-timers. It is affordable and is one of the best inclusive resorts around. It is kid-friendly and has loads of activities for everyone including a spray ground for kids. There are four swimming pools that are accessible once fees have been paid, three top-notch restaurants and a club designed for young kids (4-12). If you love diving or water, try out the Ultimate Dive Experience. Allegro Cozumel is one resort that will make you very comfortable. Visit Allegro Cozumel and enjoy fine dining, excellent accommodation and a friendly environment for kids.

 Paradisus Los Cabos

This resort takes all-inclusiveness to the next level. If you have a family, you can register for the Family Concierge plan which covers a welcome kit, beach kit, children bathroom toiletries, and some light snacks (milk and cookies). The private crescent cove beach is just what is needed for a quiet and safe relaxation for family or for you. The concierge lounge is open all day and you can relax which so snacks and enjoy the atmosphere for as long as you want to. Paradisus Los Cabos is one resort you want to be and spending time at this resort would be a swell time for you.

Playa Grande Resort and Spa

This is the second resort on this list located in Los Cabos. Visitors are given the option to choose a plan which could cover a variety of activities, experiences, and services including meals, the kids club, several pools, and hot tubs, a private beach, and a mini-golf course among others. Going to this home away from home is definitely worth it because you get value for your money. There are 260 suites with kitchens and kitchenettes, private balconies and so many more facilities all in a bid to make you comfortable. With awesome food, great service, and a marvelous ambiance, you should check this resort out.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort

This beach resort is the best of two worlds. It has a stunning beach and various bodies of water that encourage a range of water sports. The resort is almost an exclusive club with only 250 guest rooms which are divided into sections. The Splash guest rooms are for families while the Harmony guest rooms are for couples. The resort also features the largest water park in St. Lucia and other water bodies where several water sports can be played. You can also enjoy the finest cuisine from the several restaurants available on the resort. The Coconut Bay  Resort is so good, it will give you a new perspective on all-inclusive resorts

Tips for international travelers 

The American ESTA is a form in which visitors coming into the US are required to fill and submit for approval when they come in from Visa-free countries. This system was put in place by the government to properly monitor the free flow of movement from visitors from visa-exempt countries. The ESTA is filled online and a fee is paid when the form is submitted. It takes 72 hours to get a response from the authorities after submission. Some individuals usually ask: “How do I check my ESTA?” You can log in online and check their website to see if you have gotten feedback. Ensure that you fill the form correctly and avoid sharing all relevant information and in the correct manner.

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