5 Safety Tips for Traveling Solo


While traveling alone offers plenty of benefits, it also comes with safety challenges. Solo travel requires careful planning and preparation, especially if you’re flying to an unfamiliar destination. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie traveler, here are five tips to help you feel more secure on your first or next solo travel adventure. 

Safety Tips for Traveling Solo
Safety Tips for Traveling Solo

Do your research

Conducting extensive research is essential when traveling solo, and can prevent you from making poor choices that can compromise your safety. Read up on the local news of your destination country and check the neighborhood of your accommodation. Take note of the unsafe areas and learn the safest modes of transportation you can take, especially at night. Make sure you know the location of the nearest police and write down their contact details. The more information you have, the more confident and comfortable you will be with traveling alone. 

Choose your accommodation carefully

Some travelers tend to scrimp on their accommodations so that they’ll have more money to spend on other travel aspects. However, in some instances, it is better and more practical to stay at a quality accommodation than at a cheap one. Check the reviews of solo travelers and choose a hotel that is highly regarded for its safety. Book a room that’s not on the ground floor as they’re easy targets for break-ins. Always lock your door and never open it unless you’re expecting visitors. If traveling in Hawaii, consider indulging a little and stay at Koloa Landing Resort, where you can best see and experience the beauty of the Kauai island. 

Stay connected with your loved ones

Before leaving for your trip, check with your smartphone provider on your phone’s roaming capabilities. Make sure to share your travel itinerary with your friends and family. Inform them of where you’ll be staying, any solo or group activities, and your return date. Keep your loved ones updated on your daily itinerary, no matter how simple your activities are. Ensure that the hotel staff or innkeeper is aware of your solo excursions and the exact route you plan to take. 

Secure your belongings 

Whenever you venture out, you should only bring essential items, such as cash, your phone, credit cards, ID, and a copy of your passport. Use a handy and anti-theft bag to store your valuables, and always carry it in your line of sight, especially when riding public transportation. Leave your passport and other essential documents and items in your hotel safe. Always stay alert when sightseeing and be mindful of your actions. 

Pack wisely

Since you’re traveling solo, packing light is essential so that you can be more mobile. Avoid bringing expensive and attention-seeking clothes and accessories as your goal should be to blend in with the locals. Place a distinctive item or mark on your bags aside from your contact information. Bring a first-aid kit, and don’t forget your medications. 

While no type of preparation can ensure your safety, following these tips can help make your solo trip more manageable and less intimidating. 

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