Best Sailing Places in Hong Kong That Cater to Mega Yachts


COVID-19 has a massive impact on the environment, especially on air and water. They became less polluted due to travel restrictions which helped many islands breathe for a while. After more than a year of being locked down, people long to be on the water. And, if you are living or near Hong Kong, one best way to travel on seas is by chartering a yacht. 

There are over 200 islands listed by UNESCO that you can visit in Hong Kong. Most are white beaches and yacht-friendly to enjoy the sight of rock formations and other sceneries. Boat services can offer either a day or overnight charter, depending on your budget. It is the best option if owning a yacht seems expensive for you. 

Best Sailing Places in Hong Kong
Best Sailing Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong also has the best anchorages to secure different types of yachts. This makes sure to provide a yacht in good condition for travelers. They are found on lots of sailing grounds around Hong Kong so there is nothing to worry about. 

This article won’t focus on chartering a yacht but will share some possible destinations for you to visit. These include:

Within this island are four beautiful beaches that offer seafood cuisines to visitors. It is on the same route as Sai Kung, so tourists may choose to go to Tai Long Wan for their next destination. Most visitors prefer to wait for the returning yachts but it would be a waste of your time. Delays are possible, especially when it is windy. 

Tourists can enjoy cold beers along the beaches and this is perfect for family and friends to spend time relaxing. 

Tai Long Wan Island is surrounded by land. Therefore, choosing the right yacht is crucial to avoid anchorage problems. It is also best to pick catamarans which are more stable in case of strong winds coming from the South. When the weather is rough, tourists have a choice to hide on Tai Chau Island but the water there is not as classy as in Tai Long Wan. 

The island is well-maintained with the help of local restaurant owners who make sure the area is clean all the time. It is a good place to take some rest by just taking a look at the scenery. 

There are lots of anchorages on the island if you want to stay longer. However, the area would be too filled with wakeboardersand motor yachts during the weekend. The remedy is to schedule a trip on the weekdays to secure a spot where to park the yacht. 

The southern part of Hong Kong is away from industrial areas, meaning it is less polluted. Tai Long Wan is located in the South and has clearer waters than the other islands. It is also far from the nuclear power station which keeps fish safer from contamination. 

  • Mirs Bay 

If you are about to travel to the eastern part of Hong Kong, then Mirs Bay is a good choice. It will take at least two days to reach the destination and there is a Port Shelter to secure the yacht. 

The most famous sight on this island is the volcanic rock formation that surrounds the area. It is among the UNESCO-preserved beaches that you can visit in Hong Kong. 

Mirs Bay also highlights white beaches and a marine park for tourists. It is better to spend more than a week on the island to appreciate its beauty and explore each part. Some parts of the island can be uncomfortable, especially at night, so choose a nice spot for overnight yachting. 

All in all, Mirs Bay is a perfect destination if you are near the eastern part of Hong Kong for a lesser time of travel. 

  • Middle Island 

Sailing across the Middle Island will make you pass through different routes. The best route is going to the north where Victoria Harbour is located. It is the center of Hong Kong so tourists can roam around its islands a lot easier. 

Another route is through southern bays. There are containerships on the bay which is a stunning sight for tourists. Moreover, sailors can visit stop-over destinations to buy some souvenirs for their loved ones. 

While plenty of tourists want to take a short trip towards Middle Island, others would prefer a round trip. It will last for two days before reaching the said island. 

Why Choose Mega Yachts?

Mega yachts are the best choice for more distant sea travel. They are made of a better engine that could sail faster than catamarans, for instance. Though mega yachts are pricier to charter, they could offer more luxurious amenities to make your trip unforgettable. The boat can be crewed or not, depending on if the travelers have the skill to operate a yacht. 

Choose Mega Yachts
Choose Mega Yachts

Looking for mega yachts for charter is not that difficult in Hong Kong. Select which one best suits your travel needs and budget, and do not miss out on the finest yacht to charter by booking a trip earlier. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum it all up, Hong Kong has the best islands to visit with a yacht. Chartering a boat can be expensive but is a great way to make exciting memories with families and friends on the waters. Search for a destination that is accessible by a yacht and then plan a trip for months. Contact a boat provider and ask for important details to prevent any trouble during the trip. 

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