Ten Great Monsoon Destinations to Visit Near Delhi


Monsoon is something to be grateful for if you are in a tropical destination. On the downside, the number of activities you could perform would greatly decrease during a monsoon season. However, there are a few destinations in India, which would be at prime beauty during monsoon season. If you are in Delhi, here are the top ten destinations closer to Delhi to cover during rainy days.

Ten Great Monsoon Destinations to Visit Near Delhi
Ten Great Monsoon Destinations to Visit Near Delhi

Okhla bird sanctuary (15 km away from Delhi)

This is a lesser-known bird sanctuary closer to Delhi. If you are visiting during the monsoon, you can hear a lot of bird sounds here. Moreover, spotting birds right after rain is very easy. This sanctuary is located close to River Yamuna and during rain; the place gets an aesthetic makeover. Best place for nature photography.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park (198 km away from Delhi)

This is relatively a very well-known bird sanctuary located in Bharatpur of Rajasthan. The monsoon is the beginning of the mating season for birds and you could find many colorful and exotic birds in this region. The best activity to enjoy during monsoon here is cycle safari through the park. If you are up for group tour India vacation, this is one of the best national parks to try in India.

Lansdowne (254 km away from Delhi)

This is one of the quaint mountain towns you can find in mountain regions of Uttarakhand. During rainfall, the flora of this region becomes lush and green. Water bodies, especially the waterfalls will be rich with water during rain. Monsoon is the honeymoon period of Lansdowne. The climate will be very pleasing and romantic during this season.

Mandawa (257 km away from Delhi)

Do you know that rain adds more beauty to historic structures? It washes them up and adds brightness to the scene. Moreover, the greenery of the region would be lush. One such destination is Mandawa of Rajasthan. This region is called the Open Air Art Gallery, thanks to the architectural marvels of this region. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, this is the right spot.

Nahan (267 km away from Delhi)

This is a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh. Thanks to the velvety Renuka Lake, this small town becomes a paradise during monsoon. The town revolves around the lake located on the foothill of a green mountain. During monsoon, the mountain will be lush and open for adventure activities. The lake will be brimming with water and tourists can enjoy boating and other activities.

Kangojodi (275 km away from Delhi)

The one common thing that adrenaline junkies complain about monsoon is lack of adventure activities. If you are worried about the same, it is time to visit Kangojodi of Himachal Pradesh. This place is the right destination for adventure activities and outdoor fun even during the rainy season. The common adventure games during this season are flying fox, trekking, hiking and water activities.

Matiana (447 km away from Delhi)

This is a small mountain village located in the folds of Himalayas. This snowy village gets green foliage during monsoon season. You can find many cultural festivals of Buddhism and Hinduism in this region during the rainy season. This destination is for those who do not mind getting drenched as it receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

Orchha (451 km away from Delhi)

As mentioned before, the architectural destinations will get a fresh look during monsoon. One such stunning destination is Orchha of Madhya Pradesh. This destination is filled with cenotaphs, temples, forts and others. The structures would be picture perfect with the background of grey clouds and green foliage.

Jaipur (273 km away from Delhi)

Jaipur will turn into a vibrant painting canvas during monsoon season. The structures drenched in rain will give a grand look to your vacation. Moreover, the entire city will be pleasing during the monsoon. The rainfall is moderate and you can spend the entire day under the sky.

Almora (362 km away from Delhi)

If you wish to stay closer to nature during monsoon, Almora is a colorful hill town of Uttarakhand. The town is surrounded by mountainous forest. The best part of monsoon is the rich vegetation. Usually, the hill towns will be covered in shades of green. But, Almora gives a different look with pink and orange shades of flowers along the way.

Apart from these, there are numerous other monsoon destinations to cover near Delhi like Matiana, Bundi, Bilaspur, Shoghi, Kasauli and others. Although these destinations are closer to each other, the effect of monsoon on each destination is different. Thus, learn about the climate and pack accordingly.

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