Israeli Gift Ideas for the Holidays


The holidays are right around the corner and you’re probably looking for unique gifts to give your friends and loved ones. It’s getting harder and harder to find gifts people have never seen before, especially since nearly everyone has access to the internet and can find whatever they want or need on their own. But, they likely aren’t looking at these Israeli gifts that will make gift-giving special this year.

Israeli Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Israeli Gift Ideas for the Holidays


Jewelry made by Israeli brands is not a common gift to find in brick and mortar stores, and even online you might have trouble identifying jewelry that is actually made in Israel. The country of origin of a piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet is often important to people, particularly if it is a meaningful piece that displays a Star of David, Hamsa, or other significant symbols.

For the women in your life, consider a Star of David necklace or bracelet, or if the recipient isn’t Jewish, choose a necklace or bracelet with the tree of life or several colorful Kabbalah stones. You’ll discover many different designs that incorporate these symbols, so you won’t have any trouble finding a piece that resonates with your friend or loved one.

Body Care Products

People love to receive gifts that allow them to pamper themselves. Israel is known for its high-quality body care products such as scrubs, peels, lip balms, bath balls, salts, and soaps. Imagine how delighted your friend will be when she opens up a bar of Olive Oil Soap made from Dead Sea Mud! She’ll not only be pleased with your thoughtfulness but will also wonder where you found such a unique gift!

Other body care products from Israel that you might consider giving to your loved ones include a Patchouli, Lavender, & Vanilla Body Peel; a Musk Lip Balm, a Lavender, Geranium, and Rose body butter, Jasmine bath cubes, or a Rose Dead Sea Bath Salt. Just choose the scent you think your recipient will prefer and you’ve got a special gift they won’t find anywhere else.

Shalva Tea and Coffee

You likely know many coffee and tea drinkers in your life and they’re probably getting tired of the same flavors they can purchase at brick and mortar stores. How about treating them to the delicious flavor of Shalva Israeli te and coffee? Try the Spiced Blend Turkish Ground Shalva Coffee with Cardamom or the Morning Blend Coffee for those who love their java in the morning (or all day). For tea drinkers, choose from herbal varieties that provide specific health benefits to the drinker.

For example, there’s Jerusalem Harmonizing Lemongrass-Hibiscus tea, Galil Refreshing Olive Leaf-Lemonbalm tea, Elah Valley Soothing Rose-Peppermint tea, Arava Calming Chamomile-Lavender tea, among several others. Select the type of tea you want to give your friends and watch how their eyes light up at your careful consideration of their health needs.


Jewelry, body care products, and tea and coffee are just some of the fantastic Israeli gifts you can find that will make your holidays special this year. Your thoughtful presents will make this a memorable season for all your friends and loved ones.

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