How to avoid censorship with VPN?


When visiting some countries, you may have limited access to information due to the imposed censorship. You can avoid it by choosing a good VPN. In which cases should you consider such a solution, and how to choose the best provider?

Using VPN has become common these days. The rising popularity of remote work has resulted in a growing number of digital nomads, which travel all over the world while working online. Moving from one country to another, they still want to keep access to the

Censorship with VPN
Censorship with VPN

Why is VPN worth investing in?

As it’s becoming more challenging to maintain your privacy online, the virtual private network comes in handy as a perfect solution. It allows making your movement on the Internet basically untraceable. If you put privacy and data security first, investing in a good VPN should be your priority. However, the virtual private network can provide you with much more. It’s perfect for avoiding geo-blocking and censorship as well. By using the external servers in other countries, you can hide your IP, getting access to the information you would otherwise miss due to censorship.

Which countries censor the information?

Depending on your IP location, Google and other search engines may provide you with different answers. Some may be blocked by the local governments as a part of censorship. Also, some regions may block access to social media and certain websites. They usually accept their own social platforms as a substitute for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others.

Among the countries that censor the Internet to the greatest extent, there are Bahrain, China, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and North Korea. If you travel to any of these, it’s worth considering using a VPN to access social media and independent news. 

VPN can be a subversive tool that serves a good cause, allowing journalists and activists to skip censorship. Many use it to fight propaganda and misinformation.

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How to choose a good VPN?

The choice of the provider can depend on many factors. When choosing the VPN, ask yourself these questions:

#1 What do you need the VPN for (privacy protection, downloading files, skipping geo-blocking, skipping censorship, etc.)

#2 How many people will use the VPN at once?

#3 How many devices would you like to connect?

#4 Are you searching for a VPN that works both for desktop and mobile?

With these answers, it will be much easier to choose the best provider and enjoy the best quality of encrypted connection. Check how it works on

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