Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Wonderful Trip to Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon


Bhutan is such a magical and mesmerizing place. Bhutan is an extraordinary place, which makes it out of this world. This country is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, and also the last greatest Himalayan kingdom. Bhutan is also the place of Buddhism followers, this culture spread a mystery and magic among the whole nation.

Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Wonderful Trip to Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon
Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Wonderful Trip to Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

This culture also spread unity and also embraces global developments.

  • How to reach Bhutan?

    You can reach Bhutan by any means travel for instance by air, rail or road. By air is the most convenient way to travel because India flies direct flight to Bhutan, which flew from almost every international airport. Rail is the cheapest way to travel. You can board the train from Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur, and Ranchi to Jaigaon (Bhutan). You can also choose the option to travel by road, but this road trip can be tiring.

  • How to become a Tourist in Bhutan?

    Like every other country, you need to take the tourist permit in Bhutan as well. If you are traveling by air you can get your traveling permit at the airport. You have to fill the following list of documents: A duly filled form, Copy of voter ID, An itinerary on an A4 sheet, the voucher of the booked hotel, and an undertaking letter if you are traveling story.

  • Is Hotel booking important?

    This is the most important part because every travel blogger also suggests this in the first place. You have to be very well prepared for the whole plan of traveling, where to go, where to stay etc. This is also very important with respect to your safety in the other country.

  • When to plan your travel?

    You can also plan your travel as per the price range of the hotel bookings, because of variations in the price range. During the peak season the cost of single room reach up to 2500 per day but on other seasons it turns into 400 per day.

  • Is currency exchange is important before you start your travel?

    You need to exchange your currency before stepping in the airport. The exchange rate on the airport is a way to high than the normal exchange rate. Although the currency of Bhutan is not cheaper at all.

  • What to see and at what time?

    Bhutan tourist permit includes three travel destination, named     Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha. You can also visit other tourist places like Phuentsholing and Thimpu by taking additional travel permit, which you can take from regulation authority.

Bhutan is a very beautiful blend of culture, religion, and development. The best part of traveling Bhutan is it is cheaper than other countries and give you the beautiful experience more than other countries. Bhutan has countless monasteries, high-altitude trekking trails, primeval forests, indigenous flora and fauna, surreal architecture, composed environment, peace-loving people, rice wine, and a sense of happiness that perpetually fills the air. It is not just a tourist destination, it’s the heaven which you are talking about throughout your life.

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