What To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Authentic Monument Of The Indian Heritage – The Taj Mahal


Have you visited the Indian prestigious tribute called the Taj Mahal ?

Whether your response to that question is a yes or a no, following is a little piece of information about Taj Mahal, that you need to know :

What To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Authentic Monument Of The Indian Heritage - The Taj Mahal
What To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Authentic Monument Of The Indian Heritage – The Taj Mahal

This Indian beauty is known for being the immense achievement for the country as well as the Indo-Islamic architecture. It is identified for a rhythmic combination of concave and voids. It is highly recognised for the light shadows such as its holy domes that have increased its creative aspect with time. This wonder of the world has its remarkable innovations and its utter uniqueness, have been carried out by  floriculture planners and master builder of Shah Jahan. Out of all the planning that was done in order to execute this architectural monument, one of the genius structure is how the tombs are placed at the end of the quadripartite garden, rather than building it the exact centre. Taj Mahal represents perfect harmony of excellent craftsmanship in a whole range of exemplary construction. It has turned to be one of the seven wonders of the world due to its architectural conception, harmonious blend of various elements like its unique execution.

How to get a beautiful experience of the Taj Mahal ?

This answer to the question above, is the following blog you are reading- that’s about to  provide you, the information that you are in search of. It is highly essential to pick the right Taj Mahal tour guide in order to attain the most knowledge and indulge into a travel experience unlike any before.. Tour guides are many, but seeking the finest guides will provide you an exposure with an exceptional remembrance. The guides in Agra, are one of the best creative and skillful clan of people who have decades of wisdom in the tourism industry. Most tour guides in the city, have always assured personal attention to every visitor and have enhanced the Taj Mahal experience in Agra to almost all tourist guest they have engaged with. These travel and tourism experts have embarked their pathway of utmost growth and upgraded quality services as well as excellent delivery that has gradually lead to 100% client satisfaction. Opting for a tour guide during your holiday, will help you have a much easier and convenient way of knowing the detailed history about Taj Mahal.

What you don’t know about this consequential monument :

You may have read about this wonder of the world and might have seen pictures through books and the internet, but what’s essential as a traveler is to gain the in-depth information about this historic beauty. This is why having a Taj Mahal tour guide will help you understand the following information more vividly.

  • Taj Mahal was built under the guidance of expert architectures that included 22,000 laborers, stonecutters, embroidery artists and even painters.
  • The onion dome is the most recognizable feature of Taj Mahal, that rises to about 35 meters ( i.e 115 feet) which is also surrounded by four other domes.
  • The components that were used to build Taj Mahal was transported with the help of enormous elephants.
  • The mausoleum captures the changing moods of the Emperor’s wife at different intervals of the day. In the early morning its pinkish hue, milky white during sunset and golden at night while it’s being illuminated by moonlight.
  • This monument was completed built after 17 years of planning and architectural construction. The Taj Mahal has always been a famous landmark of the Indian history that’s a space of tourist magnet, that attracts more than a million tourists every year.

Opting for a Taj Mahal tour guide will help you understand the place and its significant history even better. Following are a list that you must keep in mind as a tourist guest in order to get the most from the visit.

Most people who travel and come from far of places to visit this monuments are comparatively Indians. So indulging into a friendly environment is a but obvious situation. But if you want to avoid the crowd it’s advisable to go early in the morning. The lesser the crowd, the better is the view of the precious historic masterpiece. It is also advisable to dress modestly, even though it’s not a compulsion. Especially for women, it is well considered to cover their shoulders and also wear clothing that covers the knee. All of this is done under a mark of respect. While all of this is under consideration, its highly important to not carry any edible material in your hand or carry bag for it is scanned. In the beginning you are frisked and then a separate queue is held only to scan the bags for the purpose of safety. The Taj Mahal entry has 3 gates to have an enter from, so the choice is always yours to opt for the smartest option. The West Gate is closer to hotels and is always the most crowded with people during the day, while on the other hand the East Gate is sometimes comparatively convenient to enter. As per where your stay is, it is advisable to choose an entry that is near by your stay for the vacation. The third and the final gate is the South Gate which opens only after 8:00 am, so if you’re wanting to go later, then this gate is one option that you can opt for.

While visiting the Taj Mahal, it is necessary to take back the history and seek help from tour guides in order to have an experience of cheer and bliss.

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