Some Essential Tips To Protect Your Digital Files When Traveling


Protecting your digital files, whether they be photos or business files when traveling is an important concern. There are so many files that can be saved on a laptop and some of them can be very sensitive. With laptops being the primary devices that people use when on the road, there is always the possibility that files can get lost or damaged.

There are some essential tips that you might find beneficial while traveling which might help you protect your digital files.

Carbonite Backup Reviews
Carbonite Backup Reviews

Take Advantage Of Cloud Backup Services

A lot of travelers believe that having an external hard drive or a flash drive is good enough insurance to protect all their digital files. The truth of the matter is that that may not be the case. What if these storage devices also get lost or stolen? What if they get physically damaged from some unexpected accident?

Those are indeed unexpected possibilities. It happens even to the best of us.

What if you can make use of another extra layer of protection? What if that extra layer of protection does not travel with you in your luggage or carry-ons?

With the help of a cloud backup program, you can back up your entire laptop or any other type of data storage device that you may have with you to a remote server somewhere, according to the backup experts at You just need an Internet connection and you can backup whatever digital files you have remotely and easily.

For those of you who are none techies, relax. Based on this article (Carbonite Backup Reviews: Which Plan Is Best For You?), some cloud backup solutions are easy to install and easy to use. For example, cloud backup software such as Carbonite is even a set-it-and-forget-it type of software that requires minimal human intervention.

These cloud backup programs work in a very simple fashion. First, download and install them on your traveling laptop. The software then processes all your digital files and sends them over to remote and secure servers somewhere.

Note that I mentioned “secure servers”. Yes, these servers are encrypted with military-grade encryption. That’s the standard by which banks and the military use to secure all their networks to protect against hackers all the bad elements trying to access your data.

So with cloud backup software, all you have to do is connect to the Internet and your digital files will be backed up securely. You can do this regardless of which part of the world you may be in as long as you have an internet connection.

Another benefit to using a cloud backup program is that you have the ability to restore or access any of your files from any remote location. If something should go wrong while you are traveling, you can simply connect to the Internet and access your files.

How do you find your files from those remote servers? It’s easy. Your files and folders that are stored in the secure remote servers will look exactly as you have them set up on your laptop. You will have an exact mirror image of your laptop in the remote server. Yes, it’s that easy.

Are these cloud backup services expensive? Not at all. In fact, they are very affordable.

Some of these cloud backup services such as Carbonite have fixed annual and affordable pricing plans for unlimited data backup as can be seen here: Yes, some offer unlimited data backup, which is really great if you have a lot of files to be backed up.

Also, there are cloud backup plans for the average consumer who just wants to backup their personal digital files on their laptops, desktops, and other mobile devices.

For businesses, there are also very affordable cloud backup service plans for one-man types of businesses as well as for businesses employing multiple numbers of people.

So again, with a cloud backup service, it’s another layer of protection to add to your redundancy plan. You will never have to worry about missing important files again. With a cloud backup service, you can travel with confidence knowing that all your files will be safe.

Other Best Practices For Protecting Your Valuable Files

One of the main things that you should do prior to traveling is to create a backup of all of your files before you go on a trip. This helps to ensure that in case your laptop gets lost, you will be able to 100% restore them without any problem at all.

You can do this with an external drive that you can leave at home or you can also do this using a cloud backup. Cloud backup services are a great way of storing and rebuilding all your digital files in case you damage or lose your laptop while traveling.

Another great way to protect digital files when traveling is to password protect your laptop or backup storage devices. Although this tip might seem so common sense for some people, you will be surprised to learn that not a lot of people do this at all. Having a password on your device will make it tougher for others to access. A hard drive or disk with a password will help you to stay protected and your information will be safe.

Here is an important tip about password protecting your laptop and other storage devices. Many people tend to forget their passwords and this can lead to many snags, especially when you are on the road. Do not forget your password. Make sure it’s something very secure and something you won’t forget.

Always be aware of where you are and what you are doing at all times. It can be extremely dangerous to simply leave your files on a hotel desk. Make sure that you do not leave your laptop unattended in a public area such as a bar or cafe.

When using your laptop, always keep it out of the reach of prying eyes. This includes using it in a public area such as a cafe or bar.

Many people believe that they can leave laptops and other storage devices in their vehicles. This is often dangerous and not recommended. Thieves are very smart and can spot when someone from out of town is traveling. They are very aware that people usually travel with their laptops, most especially nowadays.

Make sure to backup important digital files regularly. There are so many times when you lose track of files you might be using, particularly those that are meant for traveling. Always remember to back up your files whenever you make a change to them or transfer them from one storage device to another. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t be losing any important data because you didn’t back them up.

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