Quick Workout Routine for a Healthy Holiday


Holidays are the busiest time of the year, and especially when winter vacations are on. So many family gatherings, lunch, dinners, friend’s reunion, and class reunion, it becomes the hardest task to give yourself a workout break. And if you are the host then you will not get even a single minute for yourself.

Quick Workout Routine for a Healthy Holiday
Quick Workout Routine for a Healthy Holiday

I am here to tell you how to manage a quick 5-minute workout routine so that your workout doesn’t ruin your holiday feel.

  1. Laundry becomes your lifesaver: –

    this is the best time you can have in this family gathering, do some mat workouts like mountain climbers, planks, push-ups, side planks, or some squads and lunges before your washing machine beeps. These workouts don’t need any equipment’s and easily done on the floor.

  2. Early to rising: –

    this is also working magically for yourself, all you need to do is wake up 30 minutes early then everybody in this way you can have a morning routine as well. Start your day on a healthy nod with some workout session. There are so many exercises which you can do like Russian twists, donkey kicks, and Marching planks, but start with stretching so that your body will ready to move.

  3. Netflix but don’t chill: –

    In the night when everybody is having a sound sleep put on your Netflix favorite season. During your Netflix time rather than sitting on the couch with a popcorn bowl, sit on the floor mat and do some stretching and yoga sessions. So, whenever you are watching your favorite session or movies do some floor workout.

  4. Help your secret Santa: –

    Wrapping the gifts for Christmas is a given task which eventually gets boring if you do it in continuous motion. So, take a break between wrappings of two gifts and do some workout. There are so many floor workouts which you can easily while wrapping the gifts, for instance, Scissor kicks and pelvic lifts.

  5. Lunch breaks are equally important like lunch: –

    a normal day job can make your life inactive and blood pumping during the day become the hardest task. I can totally understand the feeling of this monotonous life, that is by I want to suggest you few tips and tricks to avoid such things. In between your emails and deadlines, try out few reps of triceps dips, a minute of high knees and chair squats.

Don’t make any excuse for no workout days, because nobody gets affected with your reasons. One person must maintain the health only because of themselves, you must be self-conscious about your health. So, without any hesitation do some quick workouts during the quick’s tea and coffee breaks. The best part of these workouts is you don’t need any specific type of environment and tools, you can do it anywhere anytime and in every type of clothing. One more thing I want to mention is you also don’t require some extra time to get ready for the gym or no need to adopt any gym look also.

These workouts are easy, quick and very effective on your body and if possible, also have a control on your diet schedule as well.

Best of luck pals, have a great vacation and have fun!!!

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