How to Keep Your Batteries Charged While Travelling?


Electric cars are now common and every third car on the road is either an electric car or a hybrid car. People are buying electric cars because it’s eco-friendly and economical as well. If you move a lot within the city, then you must have an electric car because it can save a good amount of money for you that you are currently spending on fuel. What if you are planning to go out on vacations in your electric car?

How to Keep Your Batteries Charged While Travelling
How to Keep Your Batteries Charged While Travelling

Though there are more than 20,000 car charging stations in USA still the idea of travelling far in your electric car seems risky. You can find a fuel station everywhere in every part of the world but charging stations are not enough yet. Most of the charging stations are within the city limits. But what if your car batteries go down at a location where there’s no nearby car charging station?

Here we will give you some tips to keep your batteries charged while you are travelling. For more tips about how to keep your batteries charged while travelling, consult.

Draft a Route Plan

First of all, you must have a clear idea that how long car battery last. Don’t Google it because Google will reveal how long should a car battery last considering that you have a brand new electric car.

Once you get a clear idea, you must use Google Map or other authentic Map application on your mobile phone or even on your laptop browser.

Give the map your destination so that I may suggest you some routes. It normally shows the shortest route highlighted but if you take a look on the side bar (if you are using web browser) then it will be giving other routes as well and on the map, those alternative routes might have a little highlight in grey.

Use Map Filters

Now as you have different route plans on your map, now either open another tab use the same tab to apply filters on the map. Google map and other map applications allows you to apply different filters like what you want to see. If you want to see restaurants near you or the nearest ATM and bank etc. As your main concern is to find Electric Car Charging stations so make this filter or search on. As you will use this filter or search, the map will start showing you the car charging stations on the map.

Navigate the Routes

It’s the time and step which is going to tell you how to keep your batteries charged while travelling a long distance. What you have to do is to navigate on one of the suggested route manually. As you will move on the map, it will keep highlighting on the map the nearest electric car charging stations. Mark them all while you navigate and keep in mind that how long should a car battery last. If you don’t find any electric car charging station within the maximum range a car can go without charging, try to find alternate routes.

Navigating on different routes on the map can be a bit time taking and requires focus but it worth taking that much time because this is the step where the success of your plan relies on. If you won’t plan, you will end up at the middle of a barren land thinking how to fix a car battery because battery of car keeps dying. It’s always recommended to plan before you leave and always have an alternative plan as well in case you find any of the car charging station closed.

Other Tips Before You Travel in Electric Car

Before even thinking about travelling in an electric car, the answer of the very basic question “how long should a car battery last?” must be well clear in mind. As you drive, the car battery keeps dying and then you have to find some charging station to get the battery charged once again to continue your journey. What if your car battery gets discharged at a location where there’s not charging station nearby? Here are some tips to avoid such a situation:

  • Car battery keeps dying but the alternator is a good option. Keep an additional alternator in your car that can charge your car battery if you get stuck in such a situation that you find no charging station nearby.
  • The other idea is to keep a few additional batteries as spare so that you can utilize them in case of need.
  • You must know how to fix a car battery if it dies and for that, you must have a basic kit like charging cables and the portable charger.

Keep in mind these basic tips but the first main thing that can save you from any such situation is a good planning as we explained earlier.

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