The Ultimate Bachelor Party for a Millionaire Who Loves to Travel


When you are in love with someone there is nothing better than spending the entire life with your favourite person. Before getting hitched you are given the last chance to enjoy your life as a bachelor. You can make the most of this time by throwing a bachelors party for your friends. You don’t have to be rich or famous to throw bachelors in a Cruise or Yacht. These Instagram celebrities don’t own the yacht or the plane that you see in their stories. You can make your bachelor’s party memorable by renting them for a few days, weeks or maybe months. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of planning the party you can hire experts who can organise the bachelor’s party in Puerto Vallarta for you.

Ultimate Bachelor Party for a Millionaire Who Loves to Travel
Ultimate Bachelor Party for a Millionaire Who Loves to Travel

 How has the trend of bachelor’s party changed from the past?

  • Usually when the bachelors party of the groom he invites his friends and family members who are men. It lasts for a bachelor’s weeks instead of a day.
  • Exotic destinations are the venue of the party. Most of the people plan to have their bachelor’s party in Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco.
  • Certain people just love to spend their freedom by hiking, fishing, camping and enjoying outdoors.
  • Some people don’t know how to do it on their own, so they take help from

Make your bachelor’s party memorable and adventurous by following these tips:

  • Yacht rental: You can have one of the best experiences of your life by sailing in a Yacht with your significant other or with your friends. The price of the Yacht depends on the number of people that are accompanying you and for how many days you need it. However, if you will share the Yacht, you are going to have an affordable trip at your favourite destination.
  • Luxury RV rental: If you are somebody who loves the idea of travelling on the road and explore what nature has to offer. By getting a luxurious RV or booking your Lubbock limo for a safety tour as on rent, you can discover the explore the country along with its beautiful landscapes. If it rains at the place of your visit, then you will stay dry. There is a need to plan the trip well in advance, but once you do meticulous planning, you are going to remember it throughout your life. You can hire a bachelor party Puerto Vallarta for your destination wedding.
  • Charter a private jet: These days every celebrity has a private jet with them that takes them at various places. You can also make have the same facility with you as it is not so expensive to buy them on rent. You and your friends can split the rental and save a lot of money from it. A trip from Miami to Los Angles will just cost you a few thousand dollars. You are definitely going to remember all this as you have accomplished which other people just dream for.
  • Private island rental: You don’t have to be a celebrity to have your own island. You can have one without spending a lot of money on it. You are surrounded by water and wildlife you can enjoy the beauty of the island and forget everything at home.
  • Striptease dinner in Amsterdam: Amsterdam is one of the most famous bachelor’s party destinations all over the world. You can do so many amazing things with your friends in Amsterdam. Experience the craze at one of the most famous red-light districts areas before getting hitched. You might love the idea of having a chicken dinner during your bachelor’s party. There is nothing better than having a striptease show before or after it. It is one of the best ways to enjoy your bachelor’s life in Amsterdam.
  • Adventures in Tuscany: You can have the ultimate bachelors party in Tuscany. There is a luxurious villa which is known as Villa 2 Poggiali. You will have the best bachelor’s party here as this place has an 18 hole golf club. You are going to get VIP treatment as you are going to explore this place in a Ferrari and enjoy the vine from the local wine yard. On the last day, there will be a barbeque session followed by a feast of grilled meat, roasted vegetables and local veggies.

Life is short; don’t worry about money as you will earn it. This time won’t come again as there will be lots of liabilities on you once you are married. You don’t have to spend a lot of money as you can hire planners who will organise the best bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta for you. Have the best time of your life as opportunities don’t knock the door twice.

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