Few Popular Punjabi Dishes You Must Plan To Eat


Punjab has the world famous delicious hearty meals from many different places where people love to eat. 

Few Popular Punjabi Dishes You Must Plan To Eat
Few Popular Punjabi Dishes You Must Plan To Eat

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As we know that Punjabi’s are one of the most prosperous people in India and the food of Punjab has a test of Marcel,  even the Punjab is also known as the breadbasket of India.  In Punjab, you may get more than you think in their menu. A lot of people think that North Indians influenced with their culture more than anything in the world but no matter what the Punjabi’s are influenced much more than anybody else.

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Punjabi people believes in living life like the last moment of the life,  where they prefer only eating and why not the delicious food of Punjab is the one which you want if someone has a few moments of his life,  today in this article we are going to talk about the famous Punjabi dishes who has the capability 2 fill your mouth with water, Punjabi girl is perfect in cooking Punjabi food specially the village girls. The first thing that guests craved at the wedding is the food which can be done by an Indian Wedding Planner USA.

Some of the Punjabi dishes that are famous:-

  1. The most impressive thing about the Punjabi food is its variety where meat lovers can never have enough of the evergreen butter chicken,  Tandoori chicken,  Amritsari Macchi,  bhuna Chikan and Bhuna Gosht.  Vegetarian lovers also have better fare like Sarso ka saag,  chole bhature,  dal makhani,  Makki di roti at the handful vegetarian Punjabi specialist around the globe.
  2. While you think about Punjab the first image arrives in our mind is mustard fields, and the lush green heritage with robust lifestyle makes Punjab different from other states. The Punjab state people are very particular about their food and of course, the Punjabi food is rich,  robust and full of life.
  3. The bold texture of Punjabi food and ingredients makes the Punjabi cuisine popular across North India and even All Around The World. Punjab is the home of authentic Tandoori food.
  4. It is believed that the Tandoor originated in Persia and was introduced to India by the Arabs and people who are living in Punjab region for the first ones to learn the art of cooking with Tandoor that is why we get all the things cooked in Tandoor from Punjab. The Dhaba word came from Punjab,  and Punjabi Dhaba’s are the most famous Dhaba in the world because it actually gives you the feeling of the real Punjabi food with crispy Tandoo
  5. One more important dish from Punjab which is famous All Around The World Is Paneer Tikka,  where the Paneer is beautifully cooked with Punjabi Tadka and caters your tongue with inflammatory Vibes. The delicious part of Punjabi food is Chilly, if you are a Chilly lover then Punjabi food is for you so go ahead and order 1 from Punjabi Dhaba especially or if you want, you can even cook them at your home.

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You can take help from  Punjabi recipe book or even you can search out on YouTube or Google and you will explore so many special Punjabi dishes who has the capability to heal your stomach with delightfull experience.

The Dal Makhani from Punjabi Dhaba are commonly ordered dish because it gives you the taste of Punjab,  the chole kulche is another famous dish from Punjab where the fried Chole is wrapped under the bread and give you the delicious taste.

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