Dance And Music Adds A Magical Fun To Sikh Marriage


Sikh wedding is a royal type ceremony offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy fun-loving moments together. Sikh and Punjabi wedding celebrations are something similar what makes it like an extravagant affair including the big sound of music and Djs.

Dance And Music Adds A Magical Fun To Sikh Marriage
Dance And Music Adds A Magical Fun To Sikh Marriage

Marriage is one of a dreaming day of a couple’s life what everyone wishes to enjoy with full of fun and excitement. In the modern trend, all arrangements are found amazing and wonderful before embarking a happy, joyful journey with a life partner. Sikh bride and groom aspire to collect awesome memories to make it a mesmerizing occasion for all participants.

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Dance and music are great resources for getting fun and joy what seems an integral part of marriage. Music and dance are really so surprising and heart touching when bride and groom perform romantic couple dance on the wedding stage. These are the most important ceremonies seems incomplete without a melodious sound and rhythm of the music.

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement is an integral part of marriage on this day Sikh bride and groom exchanges engagement rings and showered with happy blessings. Sikh bride receives awesome gifts a red chunni and jewelry offered by her future mother-in-law. This an official announcement of marriage alliance of matured couple.  Then all family members and relatives have dance and music masti to enjoy such a pleasant event.

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Sangeet is another ceremony adds a fun-loving touch to your mood and all participants enjoy with melodious and big sound music. Both families perform a group dance with their team to win the heart of couple what really cherishes such a wonderful event. Sangeet is especially for music and dance performance where a big stage is decorated with colorful garlands and curtains appears much pretty with its decoration.


Sikh groom gets ready with a procession to visit wedding venue to pick up his better half by taking laavan. This seems a royal journey and after reaching the wedding hall dance and music is non-stop. Everyone enjoys this procession dance performance in the alleys and visiting towards bride’ s home.


After finishing marriage ceremony, there is a grand reception party, including good delicious food, yummy traditional and spicy dishes with a variety of sweet dishes for chief guests. There you will find a big stage with a big sound and rhythm of music adds a royal touch to this event. Thus, music and dance are good to have for enjoying every moment because wedding seems colorless without music.

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To get a nice and attractive feel by cosmetic use on your cheeks. Punjabi bride needs to make perfect look especially each facial features to look fantastic on the matrimony occasion. Peach pink shade looks very awesome and alluring on the fair bridal skin.

Hairdo Or Hairstyles

Hairstyle and makeup both are the ultimate choice of Punjabi bride that came into several trendy styles to give such a pretty look on your wedding day. This will really help to capture an alluring photographs’ collection in these versatile styles.  These are the best hairstyles so choose according to your hair length and personality tone such as Criss Cross Flower Accented Bun, Side Parted Ringlet Bun and Bumped Up Curls etc.

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