7 Reasons why Kashmir is called a Heaven


“You don’t need to die to experience heaven, just visit Kashmir”.

Nature is very generous and we all know that very well. But, the way nature has bestowed Kashmir, no other places have been blessed.  Owing to this, we are bound to consider Kashmir as a synonym of heaven on earth because heaven can’t be more beautiful than Kashmir. Whether it’s autumn or winters, each and every season has its own specialty that makes Kashmir stand out against the crowd.

7 Reasons why Kashmir is called a Heaven
7 Reasons why Kashmir is called a Heaven

A Kashmir tour and travel package is the ideal way to explore all the reasons that make Kashmir earth’s very own heaven. We bring a glimpse of those reasons for you –

  1. It fairy-tale like autumn

It fairy-tale like autumn
It fairy-tale like autumn

The snow-covered winters are something that you can experience anywhere. But, the autumn of Kashmir is one-of-its-kind.   When this season hit this part of the world, you will get to see the scarlet, golden, and amber hues of tree leaves which are amazing. The breeze itself is fresh enough to feel you with all new fervent.

  1. Luxuriant valleys

Luxuriant valleys
Luxuriant valleys

Heaven is untamed and pristine and so are valleys of Kashmir. Surrounded by majestic mountains, valleys of Kashmir emanate purity, grandeur, and divinity by all means.  The beauty of Kishtwar, Betaab,  Nubra, Markha, Suru, Shyok, Nageen, Dha Hanu, Poonch and many others will leave you awe-struck.  You can even sense the purity in the breeze itself.   You will get to see every shade of nature in those valleys. Some are lush green while others shine like a pearl because of the snow.

  1. It let you feel every emotion

While you will be amazed to see the natural beauty of Kasmir and feel blessed after visiting here, it has all the elements to give you adrenal rush. Yes, Kashmir is a hub of adventure sports as well. You can enjoy skiing, and ice-skating here. If you are an explorer then pack your bags and go on treks.  While we are talking about the adventures of Kasmir, we can’t miss the Gulmarg Gondola ride. It is Asia’s longest and largest cable car ride that gives you a breathtaking view of the snow-covered view.  The panoramic view of Apharwat Mountain makes you feel that are in another world or probably in heaven only.

  1. The multihued Tulip Garden

When we picture heaven, a picture of colorful and vibrant land comes in our mind. Well, Kashmir also has one spot where you will find the various hues and feel elevated and it is the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden.  Cradled in the slopes of Zabarwan hills, this tulip garden is the largest of its kind in Asia. A walk to this garden will let you witness almost every possible variety of tulips.   The beautiful Dal Lake adorns its west entrances, while the lush green golf course enriches its hue-palette. The multi-colored parallel flower rows feel that heaven must be exactly like this.

  1. It’s houseboat

What you do think dwelling in heaven would be? Maybe over the water, surrounded by beautiful flowers. Right?  Kashmir gives you such heavily experience on earth. All you need to do is hire a houseboat.  Adorned with beautifully crafted cedar wood and medieval artwork, these houseboats give you an opportunity to spend some leisure time of life.  Whether you want to have a royal experience or witness the local tradition, Kashmir houseboats have everything to offer.   The plenty of options are available and you can choose as per your choice.  But, this is one thing that you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Fabulous food

Just like its landscapes and natural beauty, Kashmir gives you a heavenly experience with its local food as well. The sumptuous Rogah Josh and Goshtaba are worth-trying. Each bite will fill your mouth of distinct flavor. And don’t forget to taste Kehwa, a traditional tea.

  1. The heart-warming locals

People of heaven must of cheerful. Isn’t? The locals of Kashmir as cheerful, welcoming and treat you with immense warmth and love.  Despite facing the wrath of terrorism, poor infrastructure, and few amenity accesses, these people are always smiling and welcome you with open arms.

So, plan a tour of Kashmir today and take the delight of a heavenly experience on earth itself.

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