How to Recognize Travel Scams and Be Safe While Travelling


Travelling gives you both type of experience good and bad, and something amazing feelings. Sometimes you find inexpressible hospitality in inhospitable places and bad experience in a five-star hotel. the worst part is being cheated or face fraud in a different or totally unknown country.

How to Recognize Travel Scams and Be Safe While Travelling
How to Recognize Travel Scams and Be Safe While Travelling

This is the common experience faced by every traveler every now and then. You should be careful while traveling, or being very alert to your surroundings. This following step helps you to stay alert:

  1. A) Research before stepping out of the home: – Little knowledge can be very dangerous to yourself, its bitter but true fact. So, research well before you reaches your exotic destination. Before reaching the destination, read the required laws and regulations etc.
  2. B) Being Alert all the time: – Always hold your valuable goods or luggage tightly so that no one steals them. And be careful while offering someone help, sometimes it can be dangerous as hell.
  3. C) Aware in the Taxi’s as well: – Whenever you want to sit after getting out of the airport or railway station, don’t believe there best affordable hotels what they offer you. They earned the commission from the hotel owners for fetching tourist to their hotels. Some of the hotels can be risky as per the safety aspect.
  4. D) Hotel Room Security is a strict No: – If someone asks you to seek to peek into your room in your absence then, there might be a chance it will leave some bug inside your room, for instance, some hidden camera. So always aware of these frauds.
  5. E) Extra friendly locality, the sign of danger: – this is the most common tourist scam in which some local people who speak excellent English and give you amazing information regarding travel spots and the best place to hang out, must be danger spot. This advice especially for those people who are a huge fan of drugs and marijuana.
  6. F) Don’t always appreciate an unwelcomed help: – When you and your friends are roaming around a tourist place, and any local person offers you help in clicking some group photographs without even asking, be aware of these localities. Instead of taking such help use selfie stick to click group photos and say no to help very politely.
  7. G) Do not trust anyone in case of travel booking: – if you are traveling whether solo or with the group or with family than in this case do not trust anyone with your travel bookings. In case you are traveling with any online travel groups, please check your tickets before land into the vehicle. Try to use cab services for companies like Ola and Uber instead of local auto and taxis.

So before stepping out of your house please be very careful about all these scams. Security is very important for every person and when you are traveling it becomes even more important if you really want to have an amazing travel trip.

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